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Kustom Masterbox i5-7500 GTX 960 SSD Refurbished Gaming PC

(£325.00 inc VAT)
CPU Score: 7217
GFX Score: 6027
Short description:

Refurbished Tower Gaming PC - Sold In-Store Only
Windows 10 Home


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- Used PC system - cleaned and tested with warranty
- Gaming PC running Windows 10
- New CPU cooler and Solid State Disk with other parts from trade-in
- 12 months warranty

This is a system from used parts (but with a new cooler) and gives great performance for its price point and is an ideal starter into PC gaming. System has been throughly tested and is ready to go, includes Windows 10 with license attached.

Ideal starter PC - suitable for lower-end games (Sims, Minecraft, Roblox) and some more demanding titles although maybe needing some balance with graphics settings, but it is up to playing games like Fortnite and GTA V at medium detail settings.

System specification is comprised of a 4-core Intel i5-7500 processor, alongside this is 16GB RAM and a GeForce GTX 960 4GB graphics card.

For storage, the system has a 500GB Solid State Disk for quick startup and enough space for programs and a selection of favourite games, and there's space to add a second SSD or hard disk in future if more storage is required.

The system is fitted in a Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 3.1 case - this has a few marks on the plastic and acrylic but is in good functional order and looks reasonable. Essentially, re-using this case saves around £30 versus fitting the PC into a brand new case and it still looks perfectly presentable. This includes red lighting on the front fans a strip inside the case.

While this is a cheaper / older PC, note

System is new enough for Windows 10 only, with free security updates until October 2025, but upgrading processor in future will give support for Windows 11.

Cooler Master Masterbox Lite 3.1 MicroATX Case with Red Light Strip and clear front / left side
1 x 120mm Plain Black Fan (rear) with 2 x 120mm Red LED fans (front)

Corsair 450W Power Supply 80Plus White VS450

Gigabyte H110M S2H MicroATX Motherboard

Brand: Intel 
Model: i5-7500
Core Speed: 3.4 - 3.8Ghz, 4 Cores, 4 Threads
Passmark Score: 7217 Points CPU Score
New DeepCool AG200 Fan CPU Cooler fitted


SSD: Kingston SSD 240GB (drive C - reads at up to 500MB/s)
Hard Disk: Toshiba 1TB Hard Disk (drive D)

Fitted: 16GB DDR4 Corsair RAM runs at 2400Mhz
Size:  2 x 8GB DDR4 DIMMs (2 slots of 2 used)

MSI GTX 960 4GB Graphics Card
6027 3D Score in Passmark
Supports HDMI, DVI-I, Displayport Outputs

Unigine Valley Benchmark - Score 3114 FPS 74.4 Average (Min 27.9 - Max 142)
Unigine Superposition Benchmark - Score 4790 FPS 35.83 Average (Min 29.2 - Max 46.0)

Included: No



DVI-I: 1 (Supports VGA with adapter)
DisplayPort: 3
USB 2.0: 5 (4 Rear, 1 Top)
USB 3.0: 3 (2 Rear, 1 Top)
(8 USB Ports Total)
Headphone: 2 (1 Front / 1 Rear)
Microphone: 2 (1 Front / 1 Rear)
LAN: 1 (Gigabit / 1000Mbps)
Wifi Included: No
*Wifi can be added - starting from £8.00

Keyboard and Mouse
Included: No

Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit 

Warranty:  1 Year Return to Base Warranty 

Sold locally only, not a mail order item.

GPU Series:
GTX 960
Operating System:
Windows 10 Home

New features

Kustom PCs


CPU Score:
GFX Score:
Title Min. CPU Rec. CPU Min. Gfx Rec. Gfx Genre
7 Days to Die11262035545901Survival
Age of Empires 2 HD16486144101RTS
Age of Empires: Definitive Edition16486144102RTS
Age of Mythology Extended Edition129256251769RTS
Alien Isolation231242666494119Horror
American Truck Simulator 20151385416915574938Simulation
Among Us662175391368Co-Op
Anno 18006715779653648631Sandbox
Apex Legends5839717312808618Survival
ARK: Survival Ascended14305204761549025357Survival
ARK: Survival Evolved364413407551410239Survival
ARMA III112976647577871FPS
Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon806412953785610073Action/Adventure
Assassins Creed Mirage1114017779804313761RPG
Assassins Creed Odyssey5974929541268652RPG
Assassins Creed Origins4938930641244941RPG
Assassins Creed Syndicate4869897041194955RPG
Assassins Creed Unity6484938857178037RPG
Assassins Creed Valhalla661711250592613286RPG
Assetto Corsa1894487026477049Driving
Assetto Corsa Competizione695714305228913419Driving
Attack on Titan 23055533212284765Action/Adventure
Baldurs Gate 379749889787410215RPG
Batman Arkham Knight1396391919233116RPG
Battlefield 15122760441178663FPS
Battlefield 2042837310008633113882FPS
Battlefield 4155552177564116FPS
Battlefield Hardline2772491711164967FPS
Battlefield V8051999441278967FPS
Baulders Gate 379749889803710068RPG
Beam NG Drive4017626519267989Driving
Beasts of Bermuda47851009253459723Survival
Ben and Ed296943097071282Platformer
Binding of Isaac250151Platformer
Bioshock Infinite8333117Action/Adventure
Blade and Sorcery760010008956713286Action/Adventure
Blood Trail 1022711250967115303Action/Adventure
Borderlands 37143978156679096RPG
Borderlands Pre Sequel121229931413116RPG
Burnout Paradise112363Driving
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare2582648415474973FPS
Call of Duty Black Ops12761730254850FPS
Call of Duty Black Ops 32990646835814957FPS
Call of Duty Black Ops 45237647741278967FPS
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War661712790476411542FPS
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare2593750435895934FPS
Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) / Warzone524213194476410772FPS
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 23811894151556FPS
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2022 Remastered / Warzone 2)536413194529310772FPS
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (2023) 805413194963813513FPS
Call of Duty WW24021783444438602FPS
Captain of Industry561110733592111689Sandbox
Car Mechanic Simulator 20184260763041268591Simulation
Cities Skylines2049454611154118RTS
City Car Driving1704284115823252Driving
Civilization 5 Brave New World10622993136769RTS
Civilization 6231062337603682RTS
Civilization Beyond Earth106229907341550RTS
Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight1554303RTS
Command & Conquer Red Alert 31266137RTS
Command & Conquer Remastered135180594103997RTS
Company of Heroes 2113929915511551RTS
Company of Heroes 39476151591006413485RTS
Conqueror's Blade60009000333010154MMO
Counterstrike 23603516922537861FPS
Counterstrike Global Offensive155417544391924FPS
Crusader Kings 22641382475757RTS
Crusader Kings 34800766422317874RTS
Crysis 3155484733675690FPS
Cyberpunk 20771051230857888616583RPG
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc174469575741553Horror
Dark Souls 33604698129515242RPG
Dawn of War 329921002952079640RTS
Dawn Of War II3821707101192RTS
Day Z Standalone189776647579031Survival
Dead by Daylight5186630726564939Horror
Dead Cells3101325015562654Platformer
Dead Rising 316961731255749Horror
Dead Rising 42995996352319724Horror
Dead Space12619219491351516169Horror
Death Stranding648811110582911376Action/Adventure
Deep Rock Galatic1351640422969737Action/Adventure
Destiny 24437741941218555FPS
Deus Ex 3113129913072945RPG
Deus Ex Mankind Divided6453933841166146RPG
Diablo 4661715976399114099RPG
Diablo III Reaper of Souls2691118RPG
Digital Combat Simulator / new 1.53632643615638030Simulation
Dirt 4258575988399587Driving
Dirt Rally189476326528027Driving
Dirt Rally 2.0406712674265911328Driving
Disco Elysium7952112326489597RPG
Dishonoured 25862981041188862Action/Adventure
Divinity: Original Sin II3111471119276087RPG
Doom 20165842894043488653FPS
Doom Eternal5953929353708596FPS
DOTA 2353177863289RTS
Dragon Age Inquisition299058947574116RPG
Dying Light6206767031188038Horror
Dying Light 2515810008973513882Horror
EA FC 24 (Formerly FIFA)837316847630211723Sports
Elden Ring1163215976972913525RPG
Elder Scrolls Online113829907583545MMO
Elite Dangerous3342314415502662Simulation
Elite Dangerous : Horizons2988956011206146Simulation
Empyrion - Galactic Survival561110733504712926Simulation
Endless Legend2991528826604967RTS
Escape from Tarkov1386502111324359FPS
Euro Truck Simulator 213941978711550Simulation
Euro Truck Simulator 2 (late 2023 Update)694113502399811725Simulation
Europa Universalis IV2641508757757RTS
Eve Online115349913003113MMO
F1 2014155450042561923Driving
F1 2019407213481128111533Driving
F1 202041491358317009472Driving
F1 2021414913583540811782Driving
F1 2023414914305629922490Driving
F1 Manager 202276001073352478914Simulation
Fall Guys5599797439465977Fighting
Fallout 43725701019238020RPG
Fallout 4 VR694110092965514443RPG
Fallout 7674711000880209640RPG
Fallout New Vegas2491496136766RPG
Far Cry 364787852561123Action/Adventure
Far Cry 43738518226685716Action/Adventure
Far Cry 53738847926687974Action/Adventure
Far Cry 6695713028956715314Action/Adventure
Far Cry Primal2841849426408004Action/Adventure
Farming Simulator 201513941978711550Simulation
Farming Simulator 2017 / 20191154195915514120Simulation
Farming Simulator 202240701234739929768Simulation
Fernbus Simulator3707504031273702Simulation
FIFA 152990679918352666Sports
FIFA 162814668818322639Sports
FIFA 173644668518323116Sports
FIFA 183670522926565372Sports
FIFA 203692696641295362Sports
FIFA 215611720539445303Sports
FIFA 23837310092629811740Sports
Final Fantasy 14 / XIV: Shadowbringers4720716333899637MMO
Final Fantasy 14 Heavensward105846997744118MMO
Final Fantasy 15 XV632410778495013979MMO
Final Fantasy VII Remake72059224804115473RPG
Five Nights at Freddy's20623791388Horror
Football Manager 2016400115444833Sports
Football Manager 2019 / 202039519894451281Sports
Football Manager 2021115437954961767Sports
For Honor2828647641275674Action/Adventure
Forza Horizon 3665210002495211367Driving
Forza Horizon 45189900315738922Driving
Forza Horizon 5695711632633113419Driving
Friday The 13th2564431526593769Horror
Gang Beasts1058404991738Fighting
Garrys Mod160357139556Sandbox
Gears of War 466329997370312001FPS
Gears of War 5548315144493815517FPS
Genshin Impact3071451525809768RPG
Ghost Recon Wildlands4901932141178767Action/Adventure
God of War6617988980439793Action/Adventure
Gold Rush5343929349388597Sandbox
Golf with your Friends62922766031193Sports
Goosebumps Dead of Night67939747586510067Horror
Grand Theft Auto IV10562991218759Action/Adventure
Grand Theft Auto V299069577279823Action/Adventure
Grim Dawn654279741123922RPG
Guild Wars 2 (Heart of Thorns)166929907144444MMO
Half Life: Alyx804611250986615136FPS
Halo 5: Forge4680716826588592FPS
Halo Infinite679317273632716106FPS
Halo Wars 2195645956124117RTS
Halo: Reach2828533415573528FPS
Hard Bullet7600120321006515303Action/Adventure
Hearts of Iron IV3374371136064416RTS
Hell Let Loose49208723639813330FPS
Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice7153762160948557Action/Adventure
Helldivers 21114014488631114148Action/Adventure
Hello Neighbour35131009660767959Horror
Heroes and Generals108731297463120FPS
Hitman 2684511383400213419Action/Adventure
Hogwarts Legacy11632177941353218475RPG
Horizon Zero Dawn649211108584011388RPG
House Flipper40321166031188605Simulation
HTC Vive VR728010780858912269VR
Human Fall Flat1650316315112289Platformer
Hunt: Showdown6760723646708591Horror
Imperator: Rome3710779644165820RTS
Insurgency: Sandstorm679315159476811242FPS
Jurassic World Evolution 255999747254611269Sandbox
Just Cause 26491981615900Action/Adventure
Just Cause 36460934853828026Action/Adventure
Just Cause 459569786493811227Action/Adventure
Kerbal Space Program204951878012652Sandbox
Kerbal Space Program 28283173811414925284Sandbox
Kingdom Come: Deliverance6469930441268893RPG
Kingdom Hearts III620311647477313525RPG
LA Noire127458213064983Action/Adventure
Last Epoch65427441437510071RPG
League of Legends1140217763775RTS
Left 4 Dead 23281397105473Horror
Lego Jurassic World105337371344342Action/Adventure
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 23891631635334359Action/Adventure
Lego Star Wars298537296564330Action/Adventure
Lethal Company7332831649135048Co-op
Little Friends Puppy Island3385797417852487Sandbox
Little Nightmares3795922422753987Horror
Lord of the Rings : War in the North155821662501124Action/Adventure
Lord of the Rings Online2078808212307802MMO
Mad Max3148934947034955Action/Adventure
Mafia III6476929141269016Action/Adventure
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy695710008976812691Action/Adventure
Mass Effect Andromeda70151000141188514RPG
Mech Warrior Online172562333611262FPS
MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries171663253511269FPS
Medal of Honor : Warfighter108733475523120FPS
Men of War1509256RTS
Metal Gear Solid V66341004518314956Action/Adventure
Metal Gear Survive6705999518325804Action/Adventure
Metro Exodus669415968467114223RPG
Metro Redux126921747584343RPG
Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)648811109582711375Simulation
Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) - High Detail1975319643Simulation
Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) VR11632202281513921699Simulation
Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX1978751551Simulation
Middle Earth : Shadow of War6692930953738714RPG
Minecraft Java64826001451259Sandbox
Minecraft RTX7974123621387818157Sandbox
Monster Hunter World6706929549388917Action/Adventure
Mortal Kombat 18054116321113218539Fighting
Mortal Kombat X3730937326594119Fighting
Mount and Blade1906478184RPG
Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord81001386740219601RPG
MX Bikes7600760096649664Driving
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ninja STORM 2 HD1326169415533935Fighting
NBA 2K15112750872563696Sports
Need for Speed (2016)156236307595377Driving
Need for Speed Rivals156229877594119Driving
New World MMO6151821353459731MMO
No Mans Sky2594546143265924Sandbox
Oculus VR5480723158099579VR
Omni Bus Simulator1601154178808Simulation
Omsi 2 Bus Simulator10721884121596Simulation
Overwatch 2270513208400110083FPS
Paint the Town Red156248697595382Fighting
Paladins : Champions of the Realm138337117533127FPS
Path of Exile3541555102651RPG
Pavlov VR59865986956713286FPS
Pay Day 2107128336142665FPS
Pillars of Eternity289859077384415RPG
Planet Coaster5287980731189690Sandbox
Planet Zoo635410076606411375Sandbox
Planetside 2171731913083118MMO
Player Unknowns Battlegrounds5230670841208574Survival
Portal 213135764255Action/Adventure
Prepar3d v436918735412812399Simulation
Prepar3d v5891419007783619558Simulation
Prison Architect13882298248610Platformer
Project Cars3233893211165367Driving
Project Cars 2894911109567012414Driving
Raceroom:Racing Experience744236822874745Driving
Raft (Survival Craft)1427360315823932Survival
Rage 259669780493711311FPS
Railroads Online678212200476810064Sandbox
Rainbow Six Siege2995644126395381FPS
Ready or Not658812296602810669FPS
Realm Royale57752159Survival
Red Dead Redemption 27097999641268914Action/Adventure
Resident Evil 2 Remake6706929549388917Horror
Resident Evil 3 Remake70251053847609597Horror
Resident Evil 8804615159629713499Horror
Rise of the Tomb Raider3662574918318566Action/Adventure
Risk of Rain 25611783344935485Survival
Rival Stars695780547499730Sports
RoboCop: Rogue City1000818950785922472Action/Adventure
Rocket League115329885521120Sports
Rogue Company5986776919355986FPS
RollerCoaster Tycoon World311547764321557Sandbox
Saints Row Gat Out of Hell1754277211183116Action/Adventure
Scrap Mechanic7603111Sandbox
Sea of Thieves65427974172110239Action/Adventure
Second Life2503630633118MMO
Seven: The Days Long Gone3126625012864946RPG
Shadow Of Mordor3739938853758764RPG
Shadow of the Tomb Raider42351009845968989Action/Adventure
Shadow of War6703931753758764RPG
Shellshock 21296180FPS
Sim City114335831931218Sandbox
Skyrim (Elder Scrolls V)85034282181116RPG
Skyrim VR837310008965514443RPG
Slay the Spire1601156172775RTS
Slime Rancher12714308242775Action/Adventure
Sniper Elite 43683929841278591FPS
Sniper Ghost Warrior 32584531849495768FPS
Sonic Forces4601720539246042Platformer
Sons of the Forest1163218260809118486Survival
Space Engineers113431447582655Sandbox
Space Hulk Deathwing5896876641208568FPS
Spider-Man Remastered51587780537810065Action/Adventure
Stalker Call of Pripyat233129344302RPG
Star Citizen8338227101006418579MMO
Star Stable1792360012192400MMO
Star Wars Battlefront5212741837578649FPS
Star Wars Battlefront II6967923341228661FPS
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order424711110183611376FPS
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor435114821175212961Action/Adventure
Star Wars The Old Republic35821211842939MMO
Starcraft II Legacy of the Void3521198135777RTS
Stardew Valley1601159176775RPG
State Of Decay 26326711449385804Survival
Street Fighter 68046177961007016146Fighting
Supreme Commander 23531951289551RTS
Supreme Ruler 19361591131180833RTS
Surviving Mars240276784308629RTS
Team Fortress 21604038108FPS
Team Sonic Racing42641277358739723Driving
Tekken 75041761441218714Fighting
Tekken 8837313208631116184Fighting
The Crew11174990Driving
The Division5836934131118675RPG
The Division 2647816978536416798RPG
The Escapists 21553489411993305Action/Adventure
The Evil Within50861024026655380Horror
The Forest132826607573117Survival
The Golf Club 20193806778053499865Sports
The Isle / Evrima59866682903613401Survival
The Last of Us997818209801516488Action/Adventure
The Long Drive28162532Driving
The Sims 4105435951011830Sandbox
The Witcher 36469937341186148RPG
The Witcher 3 Next Gen 1230221933614817170RPG
theHunter: Call of the Wild52761000839964773Simulation
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands7348974754859776Action/Adventure
Titanfall 241029501411912099FPS
Total War : Attila197547096143546RTS
Total War : Rome II112847092561547RTS
Total War : Three Kingdoms214915963266013104RTS
Total War : Warhammer1977701515504950RTS
Total War : Warhammer 2194811175265311347RTS
Total War : Warhammer 3608113193410611794RTS
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator6151974753449726Simulation
Train Simulator 201617812314318433Simulation
Train Simulator 20205087769537768661Simulation
Tropico 64071610233275827Sandbox
Universe Sandbox3239913417556026Sandbox
Unreal Tournament11531707368928FPS
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 227907833392910172RPG
Victoria 3460113961399811727RTS
Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader5816694113108047Action/Adventure
Warhammer: Darktide27907833390310067FPS
Warhammer: Vermintide 25345929526568592FPS
Watch Dogs3235767026608040Action/Adventure
Watch Dogs 23221955736838638Action/Adventure
Watch Dogs Legion27907833386310239Action/Adventure
Wobbly Life47841125033564776Sandbox
Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem4828935935286062RPG
Wolfenstein The New Order188652239012654FPS
World of Tanks126858781104117Simulation
World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth3895978831195804MMO
World of Warcraft Draenor155540428373573MMO
World of Warcraft Pandaria1581064103438MMO
World of Warcraft Shadowlands526111383466014690MMO
World of Warships170742127582641Simulation
WWE 2K207205922455949647Sports
X COM 21490569226406148RTS
X Plane 1126918041113111093Simulation
X3: Albion Prelude133650685Simulation
X4: Foundations760010092964613516Simulation
X4: Tides of Avarice760010092964013515Simulation

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