Shop open for drop-off and pickups only - Please Read this link before visiting - [Coronavirus / Opening Status Page]

Opening Status and Coronavirus Updates

[Page Updated 24th October 2020]

Shop Open

Updated - the shop front door will be open for walk-ins as of Monday 29th June. We return to our previous opening hours of Monday to Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday 10am-5pm.

Please note below =

  • Masks - It is law in Scotland to wear a mask when visiting shops from 10th July. We would encourage this is observed sooner to get in the habit / practise of it, but note that from Friday 10th July it is law to wear a mask when visiting shops.
    Please put your face covering on *before* entering the door.

    IMPORTANT - we are routinely having to remind people that wearing masks in shops is a law. Just because it's not a supermarket, our premises is a shop and neither our staff nor our other customers should be subjected to those not wanting to follow the rules. Please note below about exemptions, or if you have forgotten a mask, we can either give you one or serve you outside. Do not just walk in to the premises.
  • Mask Exemptions - if you are exempt from wearing a mask, or for whatever reason you have forgotten one - please just open the shop door (it rings the bell to our office / workshop area) and we'll pop down. Please wait in the doorway, we can either serve outside or if you are exempt as long as no-one else is already in we'll guide you where to stand (shields at the shop counter). For order collections made on the website, we can just hand them to you outside. 
  • Maximum 2 people per group - ideally visit alone where possible but if one parent is coming in with their child for an enquiry or to pick up an item that is okay. Bringing in a crowd is not allowed just now.

  • Maximum 2 groups - so that is, we're having maximum of 4 customers in the shop at once to avoid any crowding. Our reception space allows for this but no more. If both spaces at the shop counter are occupied, if you could come back in a moment or wait at the door that would be ideal.

  • Quick Visits Only / no system quotes - To make sure everyone has a fair chance to come in, please understand that repairs are on a drop-off basis only and we will not investigate or support any requests for system pricing at the shop counter. For computer build quotes, we can fill out the quote form with you but will follow up by email with recommendations and explanation - we won't be doing this in the shop for now. You can fill out the quote form from home for computer builds here - system quote form.

    Where Possibleemail us for questions or check the website - don't travel in to the shop just to ask something. Just pop us an email to and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Just visit the shop for drop-offs and pickups. We can't do consultations in store and have other folk queued outside waiting.

  • Observe distancing instructions - We have screens fitted on the counter to stand in front with positioning marked on the floor. For safety of our staff and other customers, please respect these.

Local Delivery / Collections of orders at the shop

The local delivery service offered during lockdown and beyond has been stopped now. 

Click and collect is still available - 

If you know already which items you need, it would be great if you could order on the website in advance of your visit. This saves time and allows more customers to visit but also reduces the amount of cleansing required on card machine in the shop or from handling cash.

If you want to collect an order from the shop, add to cart on the website and after you enter your address in checkout, pick the 'collect from shop' delivery method. You'll get an 'order ready for collection' email shortly afterwards (during opening hours) to confirm the order is picked out and ready for pickup. Just let us know your name when you are in and it will be ready to go for you right away.

Repairs / Upgrades

Can bring your Windows computer or laptop in to the shop now for repair. (Please remember, to avoid wasting a trip we don't work on anything that isn't a Windows computer - see our repairs section for full information)

Optionally, if you would prefer to minimise time in the shop, the repair request form that was used during lockdown is still available online and can be used to book a repair in advance. 

We'll confirm by email or text message that your ticket is booked.

Repairs can be dropped off in our shop now.

Note - We're not working on stuff on the spot, you can drop-off and we'll text you when ready - if it's quick it will be ready quickly but we are not standing with you and working on your computer at the shop counter. Any incoming devices are dropped off, cleaned, then go upstairs to the workshop.

Our repairs page has more information on repairs.

Mail Order

We are despatching as normal but delivery times may be longer and this should be assumed - don't expect anything next day at the moment and we cannot guarantee as such. Royal Mail items in particular are taking significantly longer than usual in some areas.

Just bear in mind that a lot of people around the country and ordering goods to home so give allowance for delivery time accordingly. We publish estimates of delivery time in the checkout and take these as reasonable guidance but can't be explicitly guaranteed, but our despatch times as normal.

Interntional shipments have been restricted - we will send only small items like cables and spare parts. Higher value items are now limited to UK and Ireland only. For things like keyboards, these will no longer be exported elsewhere.

GameGrid Gaming Arena

Updated - Apologies there's not been much in the way of updates here regarding an opening date.

There's admittedly quite a lot of variables at play just now and we have to make sure to do the right thing - you can likely appreciate there is some risk involved with having more people in the building - we have to keep our other business interests ticking over as well (computer build / upgrade / repair) which is currently in huge demand at the moment.

You'll likely have seen that we were finding new homes for the PCs that were in the arena, and we can pull the trigger on building new ones shortly, but with some new hardware launches due in the next month or so and the chance of further restrictions / lockdown hovering over us, it makes most sense to hold back a little longer rather than rush in now and then find we're forced to close again in a week or two.

We'll update here as soon as we have a definite way forward. Of course information will be updated here, on the facebook and on our discord channel when we have further news.

Any thing else we can help with?

Pop us an email to and we'll do our best to help. 

Stay safe, everyone.