Fortnite Manic Monday Pass 2nd December Super League Gaming Event

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Kustom LAN Ticket

This is a time pass for1 player to use a computer in our GameGrid centre for the time duration required for Super League Gaming / ggCicruit Fortnite Monday Solos tournament.

Important notes -

  • Event runs on Monday 2nd December, and players can play on public matches at any time. For consistency, we are leaving this open from 4pm to 8pm (at 8pm though you'll be allowed to finish your current game in progress, we won't boot you out at the minute it hits 8pm)

  • Price is based on access to full duration of the event, which can be up to 4 hours.

  • Competition is based on the best 10 scoring players in the region (Europe) from their top 5 games. So that is, if you play 8 games in the time you're in, scoring is taken from the 5 best games you have run. The 10 best players in Europe each week will recieve $200 Prize money from Epic Games. Points structure is shown below.

  • You can play Solo / Duo / Squad on public games - points are awarded per player.
  • We are providing gaming time to give you access to the Super League Gaming Weekend Showdown event (

Our PC specs are Ryzen 2600 / RX 580 Graphics / AOC 144Hz monitors / Razer Headsets and Keyboards / ZOWIE + Dream Machines mice. If you wish to plug in your own keyboard / mouse / controller / USB Headset then connections are available for these on the desk. Info on the centre facilities = 

Our location and parking info = 

What & when is the Manic Mondays weekly Solo Tournament?

Manic Mondays will run in each of 5 key regions: Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America East and North America West. 

What is the points structure?

  • 3 points per kill
  • +9 points for top 25
  • +6 points for top 10
  • +6 points for top 5
  • +9 points for win

(eg a top 5 with 10 kills will be 3 x 10  + 9 + 6 + 6 = 51 points)

How do players take part ?

It’s easy to take part in this event! All they have to do is create/log in to their ggLeap account at your gaming center and link it with their Super League Gaming account in the client. PLEASE NOTE: It is important that they create an account with a valid email address and remember what that is. In order for them to receive winner notifications and payments should they win a prize, they need to have a valid email address on file with your center, otherwise Epic will not be able to get in touch with them and they could have to forfeit their prize.

If you your players don’t already have a Super League Gaming account they can sign up for one at your center through the client or create one online here:

What are the rules and regulations of this tournament? 

The official rules & regulations will be posted soon on the official event page here: .  We will also update this FAQ with a direct link to the official rules & regulations when they are available.

What are the prizes?


The top 10 scoring players from Europe region (score is pulled from their 5 best games played on the day) will get a prize of $200 from Epic.

How will prizes be awarded?

All cash prize payouts will be managed directly through Epic’s prize payout system.  Winners will be identified after the event and sent notification about next steps needed in order to redeem their prize. Please be aware that is is very important to make sure that your participating player’s email addresses are up to date in our system so that in the event they win a prize, they can be contacted with no issue. It is a good practice to ask them when arriving at the center to verify their email address before they begin participating. 

Is there an age restriction?

Players need to be at least 13 yrs or older by the tournament start date (October 28th, 2019) to take part.

Will there be leaderboards?

Yes! We will be tracking all games through tournament leaderboards in the client.

Any queries?

Please email us and we will do our best to support any requests as quickly as possible.


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