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Kustom GameGrid - 2 Hours Slot

(£8.00 inc VAT)
Short description:
Pre-pay to reserve a Space/s

Use this item to purchase a 2 hours time slot for 1-10 Players at Kustom GameGrid PC Gaming Arena.

Note that we have separate products for different numbers of hours, so if you want a different amount of time to 2 hours, go back one level up in the cart or click here to see the other time options.

For the options above, because only certain combinations may be possible, note that you have to pick these sequentially.

Players is for the number of PCs / players required. (there's no cost for someone to come along and watch nearby eg parent, and we have some seating area near to the PCs.

Date this shows 7 weekdays and although it doesn't update with dates is essentially based on the current and following 6 days. So if today is Tuesday and you pick Monday on the list, you're reserving a space for the following Monday. If it's Wednesday now and you pick Wednesday, it's for today. If you wanted a different week you can say so in the message box below.

Time to pick a start time, please make sure to arrive promptly for the start of your booking, ideally a few minutes before. Time options vary by day eg we have later evening options on Fridays and Saturdays, and also earlier morning start on Saturdays as well.

Message any other comment can go here - such as requesting a later date or asking to have a particular game set up (we do have these games all the time but we'll make sure your choices are up to date and ready to go if we know in advance).

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