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Watercooling Filling Bottle 500ml

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Short description:

PE-LD Material

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A bottle for precise (re-)filling of watercooling systems!

This wash bottle can be filled with the desired coolant and by squeezing the bottle the reservoir can easily be filled without any spills! But the bottle can also be be used to pump out the coolant by first squeezing out air and then inserting the nozzle into the reservoir - the bottle will then suck in coolant. Especially when expanding, cleaning or rebuilding the system this bottle can effectively help to reduce the mess that is often created. The bottle is shipped with an additional screw cap to seal the coolant tightly.

Technical details:
Material: PE-LD
Capacity: 500ml
Height of the bottle without nozzle: 17cm
Height of bottle with the nozzle: 28cm
bottom diameter: 7cm

Extent of delivery:
1x Wash bottle 500ml PE-LD
1x Nozzle
1x Screw cap 


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