Phobya Xtreme 200 V2 Radiator

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Short description:
Single 200mm Radiator
G1/4" Fittings

An absolute high-end radiator with an exceptional price-performance-ratio. This new Phobya radiator offers not only excellent design and quality of manufacturing, it also provides excellent cooling performance.

The new Phobya radiators of the Xtreme series belong to the absolute high-end heat exchangers. The copper fins are optimized for super-silent fans. The low flow resistance is achieved using parallel coolant channels. This radiator is optimal for slow-spinning fans with a diameter of 180mm and more.

The special feature of this radiator are the removable fan adaptors (only one fan plate included). These faceplates have multiple M3 threads which make the radiator compatible with many different fans and hence cases.  The Phobya Xtreme 200 radiator may also be used without a fan, the cooling performance is sufficient for small systems. The passive performance can be improved by completely removing the fan adaptor plates for maximum cooling surface.

The radiator has 4 G1/4" threads integrated to allow use of all common fittings. The included black nickel screw caps can be used to seal the two unused threads.

Version 2  Full Copper
An additional new feature of the now completely black radiator are now the caps in brass black nickel. The sides on this version are mounted with a more complicated prodecdure which means that they are a bit more expensive but also look just great! More than that the V2 has not only copper fins, but also copper channels and copper chambers only the threads are made of brass. For those who what copper-only watersystems this radiator is the first choice

Fan compatibility:
Fan type:Phobya Phobya G-Silent 18
Series and other 180mm fans

Hole spacing for the radiator grill (LxW): 185 x 185mm

Case compatibility:
Aplus CS-EL Diablo
Aplus TwinEngine II Color
CM Storm SGC-6000-KWN1-GP Sniper
Cooler Master HAF Tower
Cooler Master RC-840-KKN1-GP ATC
Enermax Phoenix Neo
IN WIN Fanqua BS652 Midi-Tower
IN WIN Maelstrom Big Tower

Thermaltake Spedo VI90001N2Z
Thermaltake Element V Tower VL200K1W2Z

Please note that on some cases additional modifications may be needed. More
information can be found here in our case-radiator compatibility list for download.

If you have found any more cases or fans please write us an E-Mail at:

Technical specifications:
Material: Copper fins,
copper channels, copper chambers, brass threads
Colour: Completely matte
Dimensions: (L x W x H): 240x199x45mm
Connection threads: G1/4"

Weight: approx. 800g
Mountable from both sides
Mounting thread size: M3

Fan compatibility: 1x 180-225mm
Pressure tested: 2 Bar
features: De-aeration screw

Extent of delivery:
1x Radiator
4x M3x30mm screws

4x M3x5mm screws
1x Fan adaptor plates for 180mm fans
2x Black nickel
screw plugs

This radiator has been reviewed by the ''Bastelorakel'' here.

Please note: To mount both fan plates (only one fan plateincluded) at the same time additional screws are needed: 4x 6mm M3 e.g. item No.94567 and 4x30mm M3 e.g. item No. 94570

Please note: Always consider the fan thickness when mounting the radiatorwith or without a fan. Depending on the application different screws may berequired!

The reddish brown "stains" on the fins is no rust. Please notethat this is a copper radiator and the note: "The whole radiator was coated witha robust black lacquer. The fins are coated with a thinner layer to improve theappearance without compromising cooling performance.". The lacquer coat is made from the same material, hence the reddish-brown "stains".

Attention: The radiator can be damaged, if the screws are screwed too deep.
Please pay attention to the right length of the screws. The screws do not have the same size in every delivery.

Note: To avoid storage or manufacture-related residues in the circulation, Please rinse the radiator completely before assembling.


New features



Radiator Colour:
Radiator Configuration:
200 (1x 200mm)
Radiator Ports:
Radiator Thickness:

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