Phobya Radiator / Res / Pump Stand (2 Dual Rads)

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Short description:
External Bench Setup
Supports Dual 2 x 120mm Rads
Make your external watercooling kit any way you like, with the "Bench Edition" stand by Phobya!

Coated in a glossy black finish, the grill in the HEXX design and a Phobya: This stand is the framw for your new external watercooling kit. The combinatory possibilities are as great as the number of available products!

The Phobya radiator stand is offered in multiple versions, up to a compatibility with 3x360mm radiators or alternatively the use of a 9x120mm radiator such as the Phobya 1080 NOVA. The stands are also available for use with 2x240mm radiators or a 4x120mm Quad radiator.

What makes this radiator stand so special are the details:

Pumps are one of the elements that can also be installed.  They can be mounted either on the inside or outside, depending on how you compile your system. The integrated M4 holes allow the use of an array of different decoupling or pump types.
Pump compatibility with pre-punched holes (amongst others): Laing DDC, Laing D5, Eheim 1046 (HPPS, Aquastream, Watercool 12V), Eheim 1048, Magicool 12V, Phobya DC 260 & DC 400, EK-DCP 2,2 & DCP 4,0

Reservoirs: Can be mounted on both the pump- or opposite side. Mounting of a reservoir is also possible either on the inside or outside of the stand. The reservoir side is also equipped with M6 holes. The spacing of the holes allows easy mounting of (amongst others) the following reservoirs:Alphacool Cape Corp Coolplex, EK Water Blocks EK-Multioption, Innovatek Tank-O-Matic, Koolance Reservoir, LUND Reservoir, Magicool Plexiac, Phobya Balancer and XSPC Passive reservoirs.

Fillports make filling of a system easy and also look great! The 1" opening, 2.54cm is compatible with virtually all available Fillports!

Tubing loop-through is always a factor in an external watercooling system. The Phobya radiator stand has 18mm loop-through holes for easy tubing managment. A further possibility is the use of a bulkhead quick-release connector to allow leak-free separation of the loop.
Furthermore other bulkhead fittings, bushings, valves or other connective possibilities can be used to connect the watercooling system to the PC.

Power supply is also an interesting point. The different Phobya adaptors and extensions allow connection via only one plug. For maximum flexibility even a Phobya PSU (Item No. 84006) can be used for power supply, making the connection via an internal cable from the PC obsolete.

Feet with holes make mounting for protection of the floor or for easy decoupling of the whole system very easy. Also fixed mounting on the wall or at your desk is possible.

This is only a small part of the possibilities of this stand! Creative users are sure to discover even more possibilities and combinations of mountable products!

Technical specifications:

Material: SC steel


Feet size(to either side): 32mm

Height: 370mm

Length: 285mm

Width: 100mm

Fillport opening: 1" (25.4mm)

Hose loop-through hole size: 18mm diameter

Slot length: 57mm

Extent of delivery:

1x Phobya Radiator stand- black - double Dual - 2x120mm "Bench Edition"


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