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Phobya Radiator Grill Dual 280 Bricky Series Black

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Short description:
2 x 140mm Grill
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This radiator grill is made from SC steel and is the optimal finish for any 120mm radiator. It also offers protection form dangerously fast-spinning fans. If the radiator is installed inside of the case this grill offers the perfect optical integration into the case. This faceplate grill is no low-quality die-cut merchandise but only the best all-laser-cut material for your projects.

All 2x140mm radiators, currently Black Ice, Magicool

Technical details:
Material: Black powder-coated SC steel
Dimensions (LxWxH): 300 x 157 x 1mm

antimagnetic, stainless steel
100% laser-cut

Extent of delivery:
1x Radiator grill

Note : If you don't like the Phobya logos, they are just stickers and are easily peeled off.


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Radiator Configuration:
280 (2 x 140mm)

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