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Aquabox Professional Black 5"1/4 Water Reservoir G1/4

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Short description:
Visible Reservoir
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The Aquabox is a reservoir / header tank designed for installation into a single 5"1/4 drive bay. The latest Professional model offers several improvements, including G1/4 thread fittings for support of more watercooling systems, two additional connecting threads on the top of the unit and also a revised stainless steel front panel with recessed screws.

The rear is machined from solid delrin and is extremely durable. As coolant flows through the system a good visual effect of flow can be seen in the front window.

Features :

3 x G1/4 Rear fittings - one feed and one return, one for lighting module.
2 x G1/4 Top fittings - one can be used for filling, ideally combined with AquaComputer Fillport module
Windshield designed to prevent fogging and air bubbles
Delrin material, corrosion resistant body
Inflow channel with large cross section for low resistance
Sunken front panel with recessed screws and stainless steel trim

Includes :

aquabox professional 5 1 / 4 "
three cap screws G1 / 4
four stainless steel screws

Dimensions: 148 * 42 * 50 mm.


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