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Alphacool Repack Dual Laing D5 5.25" Bay Reservoir

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Short description:
Supports Dual Laing D5 Mounting
Supports 4 inch Cathode illumination
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Alphacools high-class solution for integration of single or dual VPP and
TPP pumps into a cooling loop.

Pump top and reservoir in one component
offer many advantages: Easy mounting, compact dimensions and appealing
looks! All this is combined and perfected in the new Alphacool Repack. But
Alphacool would not be Alphacool if these new products would not feature
innovations which were before not available in this configuration!


The Alphacool Repack û Dual Laing D5 û Dual 5.25ö bay station is for
designed installation in the front of an enclosure. For mounting two vacant
5.25ö drive bays are required. Mounting of the pump(s) can be done
individually or in a dual configuration. For both configurations all
required material is included. Dual operation can be configured to couple
the pumps serially or for parallel operation. The pumps always draw the
coolant from one combined reservoir.


Technological innovations featured in the Alphacool Repack:

So far the information about the reservoir sounds like a standard reservoir,
but the developers have had many great ideas to solve common problems:



Anti Cyclon:
Different than standard solutions, where the coolant is guided around many edges and corners, still leaving micro-bubbles in the coolant, this reservoir uses a completely new technology. A new kind of filter is placed in front of both pump inlets, marked with ôinö & ôoutö, eliminating the problem of micro bubbles at the core.

On standard Slot-In reservoirs filling was a hassle: Unscrew, pull out, fill, fixate again. And during filling a third and fourth hand would always come in very handy, as it is always a very difficult operation to fill in the coolant. Enough! The front is equipped with a filling straw which can be released with few turns, and as it is hollow it can be used for filling of the reservoir. For this we recommend the filling bottles or straws from our portfolio.

The looks:
The front, which is mainly what remains visible after mounting, is beautiful to look at: Plexi, Acetal, fill level indicator and filling straw in combination with the typical Alphacool copper look make a great appearance! The next step is the creation of lighting effects for the coolant. From the left and right side of the reservoir LEDs can be inserted, both 3mm and 5mm in site. The highlight: a 10cm long cold light cathode can be inserted from the top for maximum lighting performance! In combination with the LED it is even possible to implement different colors within the reservoir. Creative users will surely create even more effects with the Heatmaster and find new ideas.

Looking at all of these features, more power, great looks and comfortable handling, a simple question comes up: Why only high-class, this is already First Class!

Technical specifications:
Material: Plexiglas/Acetal, Brass
Color: Transparent/black/Copper
Connection threads: 4x ?ô 
Dimensions (L x W x H): 172 x 148 x 84mm
Mount for 10cm CCFL
Opening for 2x 3 or 5mm LED

Conforms with ROHS

Extent of delivery:
1x Alphacool Repack - Dual Laing D5 - Dual 5,25 Bay Station
4x Mounting screws
Allen key

Please note: In order to use the single version, screw plugs must be ordered separately.

Note: The copper-colored logo is covered by a protective foil. To have the logo shining and clean, simply remove this foil.

Note regarding cathodes:
We have measured that the cathodes have manufacturing tolerances of up to 0.3mm, even amongst the cathodes in the same package. As the fit of the cathodes is meant to hold them in place, it might be that due to the tolerances the cathodes will not fit at first. The small amount of excess material can easily be removed with a few brushes of sandpaper.




New features


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