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Alphacool Repack Dual DC-LT 5.25" Bay Station Reservoir

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Short description:
Supports DC-LT Mounting
Supports 4 x LED Mountings
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Alphacool Repack - Dual DC-LT - 5,25 Single Bay Station, the perfect
reservoir for  Alphacool DC-LT Keramik 12 Volt pumps, Dual- and single pump
operation compatible!

Based on the Alphacool Repack Dual 5,25 Bay Station AGB, this reservoir also
has all of its advantages: Easy mounting, compact dimensions and optically
very appealing! All of these feature are implemented into the new Alphacool
Repack - Dual DC-LT - 5,25 Single Bay Station at the highest level!

Designed for installation in a vacant 5.25ö drive bay, this reservoir allows
compact installation and is a great addition to the front of your enclosure.
Connection to the reservoir can be achieved via the implemented ?ö threads
for maximum compatibility and flexibility.

Construction-wise, this reservoir is also a great piece of hardware:
Extra-strong Plexi increases stability of the reservoir and ensures extra
rigidity. Filling can be done via the 3/8ö thread in the front third of the
reservoir, which is sealed with a black nickel plated screw plug during
operation. By simply pulling the reservoir forward from the drive bay, it
can be filled easily. Make it even easier for yourself by connecting a

Installation of the reservoir is done just like mounting on an optical
drive, making it quick and easy for any user!


Pump mounting:
Mounting of one or two Alphacool DC-LT Ceramic 12 Volt pumps is possible with this reservoir. By default it is shipped prepared for installation of one pump. To install a second pump, simply remove the Plexi sealing cap which is installed by default, This can be done easily be removing two screws, and you are set to mount a second DC-LT. Both pumps are now operating serially, still offering the quiet operation as with one pump, but with more performance.

The front of the reservoir, the component which mainly remains visible after installation, is just beautiful to look at: Plexi, Acetal and a fill level indicator in combination with the typical Alphacool copper create a truly elegant design. Lighting is the next step towards a perfect system: At the rear of the reservoir, four 5mm LEDs can be inserted.

Modular design:
All Alphacool Repack Bayres of the second revision feature a modular design. This means that a standard of this reservoir can be rebuilt to e.g. a pump reservoir. Different pump reservoirs can also be made compatible with other pump types, or be transformed into a standard reservoir. This is possible, as the reservoir is not glued together at the back, but rather screwed together and sealed by a gasket.

Technical specifications:
Material: Plexiglas/Acetal, brass
Colour: transparent/black/copper
Connection threads: 2x ?ô
Dimensions without pump (L x W x H): 99 x 148 x 43mm
Pre-drilled holes for 4x 5mm LEDsConforms with ROHS

Extent of delivery:
1x Alphacool Repack - Dual DC-LT - 5,25 Single Bay Station
2x Mounting screws
Allen key

Please note:
The reservoir is shipped without a pump. The compatible model can be found as Item No. 13154 (Kustom Code 9345)

Note: The copper-colored logo is covered by a protective foil. To have the logo shining and clean, simply remove this foil.

Important Note: Please note that the firm Alphacool International GmbH accepts no liability for damages of this product by using other coolants. We would like to point out that other coolants as inhibitors often contain alcohol or other corrosive substances attack the acetal, please only use our Cape Kelvin Catcher.


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