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Alphacool Repack-cooling Slot-In White 5.25" Bay Reservoir

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Short description:
Supports LED Lighting Module
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The Alphacool reservoir in proven design now presents itself in a whole new
light! Manufactured from white Delrin the lighting effect of the LEDs in the
Repack is multiplied and now allows even more exceptional effects.

This reservoir was specially designed for PC watercooling applications. It
features easy installation and handling as well as an exceptionally
beautiful design.It can simply be pushed into a 5,25ö drive bay and is ready
for use. No drilling or sawing required!

When using the Repack reservoir air bubbles in the cooling loop are
automatically removed to improve cooling performance and lower the noise
emissions of the system.The reservoir is can be refilled via a threaded
opening which is sealed during operation, creating a closed loop. Hence no
coolant evaporates, making annoying refilling obsolete.

The reservoir body is completely CNC-milled and made from Delrin. The
front is sealed by 10mm thick transparent plastic panel with polished edges
and sealed by an UV-resistant O-ring gasket. Non-corrosive screws are used
and LED holes for lighting of the reservoir are already integrated. The
coolant capacity is approximately 120ml.


Technical specifications:
Material: Acetal, white
Dimensions: (LxHxW) 147x62x42mm
Capacity: 150ml
Filling opening size: 1/4"
Connection thread size: 1/4"
Mounting thread size: M3

Extent of delivery:
1x Alphacool Repack-cooling Slot-In Delrin white Special Edition
2x Screw plugs (pre-installed)





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