Alphacool Aurora UV-kit for 250mm Eisbecher

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Short description:
For 250mm Eisbecher

This UV kit is the perfect addition to your Eisbecher! The UV cathode illuminates the UV-reactive water from within for a unique look. 


  • 1. Two different sizes
  • 2. Lighttower effect
  • 3. Compatible with all Eisbecher units that have the lighttower effect
  • 4. Waterproof UV cathode

The Alphacool UV kit for the Eisbecher impressively underscores the "Eisbecher highlight" yet again. Depending on the version, continuous tubes for two different fill heights with the lighttower effect are included. Since every cathode needs an inverter, which is powered through a 4 pin molex plug, one is included as well.

Installation is simple, even for amateurs. The top of the Eisbecher is screwed open, and both tubes are taken out and replaced with one of the new continuous tubes, depending on the version. The cathode, which is inside a glass tube, is inserted into the lid from above and screwed in. The final step is putting the cathode into the tube and screwing the container closed again. This will push the tube into the lid and seal it. 

Technical Specifications

Riser Pipe

  • Dimensions (LxD): 205 x 15mm
  • Material: clear plastic


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 84 x 28 x 22mm
  • Power connection: 4 pin
  • Cable length: 50cm


  • Locking screw with G1/4"
  • Dimensions (LxD): 155 x 8mm
  • Colour: UV
  • Cable length: ca. 27cm

Scope of Delivery

  • 1x Alphacool Aurora UV Kit for 250mm Eisbecher

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