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Aquacomputer Aquastream XT USB Ultra

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Short description:
Pump and Monitor system
Flowrate 300 l/h
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The new Aquastream XT is a revised successor to the Aquastream 3.5 - featuring a near silent pump and including new control and monitoring functions through the USB interface and Aquasuite Windows software.

Features an Aquabus connection, USB connection and RPM connection to the motherboard (allowing system shut down if RPM should drop). Power is supplied via a 12v 4pin molex.

Maximum lift 4.2m
Up to 6000rpm (adjustable)
Power Consumption around 5W
Includes airing program to remove bubbles from the system

Fan header can control fan rpm, if used with a splitter cable allows a 360 radiator to be controlled via the pump software.

*Automatic Frequency Adjustment
*Aquabus Connection
*Manual Frequency Adjustment
*Vent mode
*RPM sensing
*RPM output to motherboard
*Configurable fan output
*Supports External Temperature Sensor
*Internal Temperature Sensor
*Configurable Calibration Curve
*Fan output controlled by temperature
*Supports flow sensor
(For fitting to AquaComputer system requires G1/8 adapter kit and 2 x Plug & Cool Connectors. )

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