Alphacool DC-LT Ceramic 12V DC Pump Bulk Version

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Short description:
12v Pump
Maximum flow: 120l/h
No Fittngs - Requires Top

Alphacool DC-LT ceramic 12 Volt pump, the compact pump with lots of
steam under the hood!

Water cooling generally is not only for Big towers and the high-end sector.
Barebones, HTPC and Desktop systems also greatly profit greatly from a
liquid cooling system. Here extreme overclocking is not the goal, but rather
total silence in the system.

Besides the fans, which are extremely quiet to silent thanks to the water
cooling system, the pumps are another noise emitting element. Not with this
pump! From the start much quieter than the majority of the competition and
still powerful enough to cool CPU and GPU with ease. A ceramic shaft
promises a long lifespan and permanently smooth operation.And the size? The
outer dimensions are roughly the same as of a 2 Euro coin (about 5mm larger
in radius).

This is the currently most compact water cooling pump for computer cooling!

Technical specifications:

Dimensions (WxHxD): 51x48x9mm (without fittings)

Standard voltage: 12V DC

Power draw: 4,9W

Permitted voltage: 7-13,5V DC

Pressure head at 12V: 2,2m H2O

Maximum flow rate: approx. 120l/h

Pumped medium: Water, Water/glycol mixture

Maximum system temperature: 65?C

Power connector: 3-Pin fan plug

Weight: 48g

Extent of delivery:

1x Alphacool DC-LT ceramic 12 Volt pump û bulk


Please note: This pump in its bulk version has no connection threads. We recommend ordering the suitable top from our portfolio with this pump.

Mounting screws not included!
Some items, e.g. the Alphacool Repack û Dual DC-LT û 5.25 Single Bay station, require two additional M3x8mm screws per pump for mounting. These screws can be found in our shop as Item No. 9357Userreviews:



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