Alphacool Decoupling Kit Eheim/Hydor/Laing Cover Pack of 4

(£3.50 inc VAT)
Short description:
M4 Thread

The decoupling kit allows vibration-free mounting of the pump of a water cooling system in a PC enclosure. With this kit no vibration can be passed on or even be amplified by the enclosure and the pump works almost inaudibly. Of course all other components can also be installed vibration-free with this kit.

This kit is specially designed for use with the DDC top!

Technical specifications:
Thread type: M4
Thread length: 11mm
Vibration absorber length: 10mm
Overall length: 21mm
Screw thread length: 5mm
Overall screw length: 8mm
Vibration absorder diameter: 10mm

Extent of delivery:
4x Vibration absorber
4x Mounting screw
4x Washer
4x Nut


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