Phobya Temperature Sensor In-line 2x G1/4 Inner Thread

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Short description:
1/4" Thread

Highly precise In-line temperature sensor for almost all G1/4" threads. The sensor can be integrated at any point in the cooling loop. At the measuring point the wall thickness of the casing is reduced to <1mm and the sensor is insulated from the outside to allow maximum precision and quick reaction of the measurement. The sensor can be used universally with the monitoring devices sold in our shop.
Due to its inner diameter of 1cm this sensor adds no restriction compared to fittings and small to medium sized tubing. Therefore this sensor is truly ''high-flow capable ''

Technical details:
Material: Black Nickel coated brass
Dimensions: (LxD): 28x23mm
Inner diameter: 10,5mm
Precision of measurement: ca. 0,3K
Cable: 2-Pin with approx. 50cm cable
Resistance: 10KOhmExtent of delivery:
1x Temperature sensor In-Line 2x G1/4 inner thread

Any device supporting 10kOhm temperature sensor, including:
aquaero 3.07, aquaero 4.00
aquastream XT Ultra
aquaduct-Varianten mit externem Sensor-Eingang (360 XT, 720 XT)
Alphacool Heatmaster
Innovatek Fan-O-Matic
Lian Li Multipanel
Scythe Kaze
Sensor on Motherboards



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