Aquacomputer Flow Sensor High Flow G1/4 for Aquaero

(£34.80 inc VAT)
Short description:
1/4" Thread, Requires Fittings

This flow rate sensor from aquacomputer has an extremely low flow resistance and is therefore perfectly suited even for High-flow systems. The Sensor is made from Delrin and stainless steel and is therefore not only technically but also optically exceptionally well-made. The symmetrical design with two identical nozzles allows integration into the system without having to use a certain direction of flow through the sensor. The connection threads are G1/4" in size and therefore allow the use of the sensor with all common fitting and hose sizes and types. The sensor also has four M3 threads integrated into the bottom of the casing to allow easy fixation. The sensor provides accurate data from 40l/h and is therefore perfect for systems with aquastream pumps.

Please note the right calibration setting of 169 pulses per litre!

Compatibility list:
aquaero 4.00 USB fan controller in all display versions
aquaero LT 4.00 USB fan controller
aquaero 3.07 USB fan controller in all display versions
aquaero LT 3.07 USB fan controller
poweradjust USB
poweradjust USB Version LT
aquastream XT USB Ultra version
aquaduct 240 Pro mark III
aquaduct 360 eco+
but also:
Alphacool Heatmaster
Innovatek Fan-O-Matic PRO LCD Display
FanController T-Balancer/bigNG

Extent of delivery:
One flow rate sensor

Technical details:
Connection thread size: G1/4", shipped without fittings!

For interpretation of the data from this sensor additional components (see compatibility list above) as well as a suitable connection cable (Aquaero Flow Sensor Cable) are required!


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