Aquacomputer Aquaremote for Aquaero 5 / 6 PRO

(£13.43 inc VAT)
Short description:
Keyboard, mouse and media controls
The aquaremote (included in delivery with the aquaero 5 XT) turns your aquaero 5 into a universal input device with a complete keyboard, mouse functions and media keys.
By pressing one button on the remote control, you can switch between function levels:
In aquaero mode, the aquaremote allows to comfortably configure your aquaero 5. Especially keying texts in is significantly more effective than using the buttons of the aquaero 5 itself.
In PC mode, your commands are sent directly to the PC using the USB keyboard interface of the aquaero 5, which means that the remote control is functional for BIOS configuration as well. Additionally, the function of the right hand directional pad including media keys can be switched from normal keyboard commands to media commands.
The keyboard of the aquaremote is equipped with many special characters including $, ú and Ç symbols. The different key levels (shift. strg etc.) are displayed as pop-ups on the display of the aquaero 5. The PC mouse pointer can be moved using the left hand directional pad equipped with eight push switches, allowing diagonal mouse movement.


Scope of delivery:

aquaremote infrared remote control

two batteries type micro / AAA

Compatible with:

aquaero 5 XT (art. 53089)

aquaero 5 PRO (art. 53090)

Not compatible with aquaero 5 LT or aquaero 4.00 - these devices do not
feature an infrared receiver!




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