Tygon Tubing 15.9/9.5mm (3/8"ID) Clear

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Short description:
3/8" Tubing
Priced per metre

Tygon tubing is considered the royal class of tubing in the water cooling sector!

Tygon tubing was developed for use in laboratories and hospitals. With these applications in mind this tubing is designed for a long lifespan and maximum durability. It even expands its own lifespan: A special coating at the inside of the tubing kills off microbes, hence ensuring clean flow through it. Additionally this tubing is also completely UV-resistant.
But this tubing is not only extremely durable, it is also great to handle: The highly flexible material gives the tubing exceptional bending and handling properties. We hence recommend using compression fittings!

Technical specifications:
Material: PVC
Tubing colour: Clear, non-UV-reactive
Outer diameter: 15.9mm
Inner diameter: 9.5mm

Supplied in continuous length eg order quantity 3 for a section in 3 metre length.

Fitting Size:
3/8"ID (16mm/10mm)
Hose Material:
PVC Hose

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