Monsoon lighting module G1/4 Green Fitting, Green LED

(£7.70 inc VAT)
Short description:

Designed for Monsoon MMRS Series Two reservoirs and Monsoon Light Port Rotary Fittings, or any G 1 / 4 port you want to add light to.


* Package includes two LED's -- an 8 degree narrow focus perfect for our Monsoon Light Port Rotaries, and a 90 degree wide angle suitable for reservoirs.
* Machined brass plug body and cap with a polished optical grade acrylic lens.
* Threaded brass locking cap holds the LED securely in place and features knurling for easy tool free installation. Machined brass plug features a radial slot allowing the use of a coin for installation.
* Rubber LED locking grommet so you don't have to remove the MOLEX plug to install or replace an LED. You can also install or replace an LED without removing the plug from your reservoir.
* LED cables are sleeved in high quality triple strand/triple weave sleeving.
* Available in all 10 Monsoon color finishes for color matching with our full line of compression and rotary fittings.
* Designed to put light where you want it without light leakage from the back of the plug.
* Ships with high quality UV color matched 2.4 mm thick silicone O-rings.


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