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Phobya ZuperZero UV Blue/Clear 1000ml

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Short description:
Water Cooling Coolant
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Phobya's coolant series was specially designed for use in PC watercooling systems!

Phoba's developer's years of experience in the watercooling sector have resulted in this mixture which features all the things one could ask for in a watercooling system: Corrosion protection, algae suppression, protection from disintegration of different metals as well as extremely low electrical conductivity. Of course plastics such as PVC, NBR, Acetal, Plexi etc. will not react with this concentrate.

Special feature:
Some of the Phobya coolants have special features. This concentrate is also UV-reactive and will light up when exposed to UV light from a CCFL, LED, Flexlight etc.

Ready-to-use coolant:
This coolant is a ready-to-use coolant which can be put into the cooling loop directly.

Technical specifications:
Content: 1000ml
Colour: Clear/blue, UV-reactive

Extent of delivery:
1x Phobya ZuperZero UV Blue/Clear 1000ml

As this coolant contains dye it cannot be guaranteed that it will not stain e.g. clothing or other materials when coming in contact. Please also note that dye fades with time and the intensity of the colour may decrease.


Clear / Blue
Coolant Type:

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