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Alphacool Ultra Pure Water 1000ml

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1 Litre Extremely Pure Water
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This extremely pure water made just for Alphacool directly from a high-grade reverse osmosis system.
Cleaned with 5 special filters (one of which is a special reverse osmosis filter) the water is absolutely free of salts, metals and contaminants which are in tap water. The treatment removes virtually any contaminants and unwanted substances in the water.

Hence the water leaves no stains when evaporating and no lime scale deposits form.

Made in Germany.

The advantages:
Virtually completely electrically non-conductive and absolutely contaminant-free (< 0,1ÁS/cm, approx 100 times less than in standard distilled water)
Bacteria and algae contamination is greatly suppressed
No limescale or other residues if evaporated
Without any additives: Full thermal conductivity and no interaction with other additives
Compatible with all available PC watercooling systems



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