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Alphacool CKC Cape Kelvin Catcher Clear 2500ml

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Short description:
2.5 Litres Water Cooling Coolant
Contains copper anticorrosive

Alphacool CKC is a specially developed coolant for PC watercooling systems. CKC is based on well-proven ingredients which were tested in industrial applications. This ensures maximum reliability and performance.

CKC contains a special copper anticorrosive and does not contain Ethylene glycol, Ethandiol or other additives, offers the full thermal capacity of water and suppresses Algae and bacteria growth. It also contains additional inhibitors against corrosion.

Alphacool does not use the standard anti-freeze ingredients which reduce the thermal capacity of the coolant but my be mixed with those. Coolants based on antifreeze require 25& antifreeze content to suppress algae and bacteria growth which lowers the thermal capacity.

CKC is compatible with copper, brass, platings such as nickel, chrome, anodized Aluminum, Plexiglas (PMMA), POM and plastics for pump casings such asPPS-GF40 (Laing DDC « amongst others) as well as PUR-, PVC- Tygon«  and Masterkleer« tubing.

Features and safety instructions Alphacool CKC:
- non-odorous and transparent , non-irritant
- Requires no hazard declaration
- Exempt from labelling regulations according to EG regulations/ GefStoffV
- The usual safety precautions when handling chemical substances must be followed
. Non-flammable, not self-combustive, not explosive
- Biologically degradable, not harmful to the environment
- S-phrases:
S2 Keep out of the reach of children
S20 When using do not eat or drink


Extent of delivery:
1xbottle (2500 ml), mixture ready for use.


As this coolant contains dye it cannot be guaranteed
that it will not stain e.g. clothing or other materials when coming in contact.
Please also note that dye fades with time and the intensity of the colour may



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