Aquacomputer Ramplex Block Copper Edition G1/4

(£32.40 inc VAT)
Short description:
For two RAM modules - does not includ fittings.

Based upon the renowned ramplex water block made from aluminum, the ramplex copper edition features a base part machined from pure copper. For easy installation, additional mounting brackets have been added to fasten the ramplex copper edition to the RAM socket of the motherboard. Depending on the RAM socket, this mounting brackets will not always be usable. In this case, the ramplex copper edition is solely fixed to the RAM modules just as the ramplex made from aluminum.

The cooler fits DDR-, DDR2- and DDR3-modules with or without heat spreaders and is able to cool down up to three modules at the same time. For adaption to different memory modules, the aluminium plates, which are mounted on the cooler for heat absorption, can be adjusted to the width of the RAM modules. Included in delivery are four plates for mounting the ramplex onto up to two memory modules, optionally a further set of plates for cooling a third memory module can be purchased separately. Using the ramplex with three memory modules requires that the memory sockets of the mainboard are arranged directly next to each other without large gaps in between.

Thermal compound or heat conducting pads are needed for the mounting.

cooler with plates, without connectors (WxDxH): approx. 150x25x40 mm
single heat conducting plate: approx. 125x20x1 mm

Scope of delivery:
cooler without fittings, connecting thread G 1/4
four heat conducting plates for the mounting on up to two memory modules

Please note: Fittings are not included in delivery, please order fittings suitable for your type of hose separately! Threads are G1/4.


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