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Akasa Thermal Adhesive Tape

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Double Sided Tape , 80x80mm
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Akasa double-sided thermal adhesive tape is a highly effective thermal interface designed for bonding heatsinks to chipsets or other components requiring strong fixing in a hot environment.


1. Ensure both surfaces are completely clean and free from oil or other contaminants.
Clean with Isopropyl or Akasa TIMclean

2. Cut tape to size.
Remove yellow protective liner from one side and apply to device using moderate pressure.
Remove orange protective cover from the other side and carefully position the device in place using moderate pressure
Take care to position the device correctly first time. The device can be used immediately after bonding.

3.Unused tape can be stored safely at room temperature in a dry environment .

Dimensions : 80mm x 80mm x 0.30mm


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