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Pulse Modding 100x20x0.5mm 3.2W/mk Thermal Pad

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Gap Filler Pad
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These thermal pads are very useful to compensate height differences and other irregularities on coolers and surfaces and can be cut to any size you require.

This handy thermal pad offers a mess-free installation, maximum heat conduction and increased cooling.

* Color:Light blue
* Continuous Temp:-40-200 degree
* Thermal Conductivity:3.2w/m-K
* Breakdown Voltage:4kv
* Hardness(type 00):65
* Specific Gravity:2.2 (ASTM D 2240)
* Tensile Strength:3.2kg/cm3
* RoHS &Halogens Free:all pass

nb. Please remove both protective surfaces before use.


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