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Heatsink Lapping Kit Premium with Glass

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Improve heatsink performance
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Most manufactured heatsinks have an uneven surface when inspected closely, and this can result in restricted contact with your CPU core. The process of lapping makes the heatsink base smooth to a near mirror finish, which improves heat conductivity. This kit includes everything you need to lap your heatsink , and the process should take about half an hour and will usually lower your CPU temp by a few degrees for most heatsinks !

Complete kit including a glass surface.

A complete set of instructions
1/4 sheet of the following grit sandpaper
Sheet of glass

Previously, this kit was bundled with a small OEM packet of Arctic Ceramique, but this has been removed and the price lowered - you can now get a bigger tube of Arctic Ceramique bundled in for the same price using our drop-down options menu, or a higher performance compound such as Arctic Silver, but only if you need it - if you already have heatsink compound you can save some money :)

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