Xilence M300 XIL-COO-XPLP-M300 Notebook Cooler

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Short description:

USB Powered, 140mm Fan


Notebooks in the past were for office use only, whereas today they are more and more substituting gamer and multimedia PCs. Xilence offers a mobile USB notebook cooler to prevent these high performance notebooks from over heating. The integrated 140mm fan is powered by the notebooks USB port. Ideal escort when travelling!

Product Features

  • Protects your netbook from overheating and thus extends the lifetime of the device
  • 1x quiet-running 140mm fan provides optimal cooling
  • Very slim and handy - ideal companion for travelling
  • Air permeable full-metal-mesh cover for a great optic and better cooling
  • Suited for notebooks up to 40cm (15,4")

Technical Data

Dimension 340 x 310 x 54mm
Input Voltage 5V
Number of fans 1
Fan Size 140 x 140 x 15mm
Bearing Type Hydro Bearing
Fan Speed 1000RPM ?? 10%
Max. Airflow 47,35 CFM
Sound level 21 dB(A)
Net weight 530g

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