Scythe Himuro Aluminium Hard Drive Cooler

(£22.80 inc VAT)
Short description:
Cools and Reduces noise.
Fits 3"1/2 Hard Disk. Uses 5"1/4 Bay

Hard disks are often neglected - but not only does Himuro reduce noise levels, it cools your hard disk too !

Compatible with IDE and SATA 3.5" disks up to 10,000 rpm.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 132 x 178 x 41 mm
Fits : 3"1/2 Hard Disks
Installs in : 5"1/4 Bay
Weight: 790g
Material: Aluminum

Flexible Mounting System

By integrating the flexible mounting legs into this product, user can mount this
Hard Disk cooler in the desired position inside the PC case.

Compatible to both Parallel and Serial ATA 3.5inch Hard Disk

Compatible to both parallel and serial ATA 3.5inch Hard Disk up to 10,000rpm.Cooling-n-Silence

Including the anti-vibration mounting legs to contribute to absorb the vibration
from Hard Disk, which leads to silence your Hard Disk.


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