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Enzotech CNB-S1L Chipset Cooler

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Northbridge Cooler 11.6mm Height
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Enzotech's CNB series is the world's first complete one-piece forged copper Northbridge heatsink with no interface or gaps. It gives you the best thermal performance possible without using a fan. The chipset is cooled to Optimum operating temperature with no fan noise or vibration. CNB-S1L can also be used for some Southbridge or VGA applications.


* Multiple push pin locations for universal mounting on various board assembly (hole to hole distance 54.6mm and 59mm)
* Formed of pure copper for enhanced thermal conductivity
* Excellent surface flatness minimizes the interface between the heat source and heat sink


36 x 36 x11.6(H) mm
Forged copper 1100
Base Flatness
Polished mirror surface, flatness for machined surfaces are typically in the range of 0.0003" to 0.0004"per inch


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