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Enzotech BCC9 9mm BGA heatsinks

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Pack of 8 Heatsinks
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BCC9 (Bmr-C1L) was a join adventure with a well known Canadian review site BCC9 is a refined low profile version of the bmr-c1, with the refined fin height and base thickness, will work with some specific application which has low clearance.


* ATI« & NVIDIA« Compatible
* Pure forged copper
* Easy installation by using 3M™ 8815 Thermal Tape
* Multipack - Eight (8) piece set
* Low profile


Dimensions (mm)
14(L) mm x 14mm(W) x 9mm(H)
C1100 Forged Copper
5g (Each)
Thermal Adhesive
3M™ 8815 Thermal Tape (Datasheet)


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