Arctic Breeze USB Fan 92mm

(£9.95 inc VAT)
Short description:
RPM : Up to 2000rpm

Noise :

Wash away the sweltering heat of the summer with the ARCTIC Breeze, which fills the air with a gentle and quiet breeze. It's a USB fan for anywhere at home or at work. Its flexible neck allows complete freedom for the user to adjust its angle to a desirable position. Keep yourself cool by simply connecting it into an available USB port of your computer or power adapter nearby. You may easily adjust the fan speed with the knob on the base. Its 1.8m long cable ensures it is convenient to be placed wherever you want (You may get a 2m USB Extension Cable to extend the flexibility further). No matter if it is the office or your room that is too hot, the ARCTIC Breeze is always a handy gadget on your desk.


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