Nexus Beamair Airguider for 120 mm Fans Black

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Short description:
Airflow Guide

The Nexus BeamAir is a fan adapter you can put on your case fan to make it
more powerful. Simple... but very effective!


The airflow of a case fan is in most situations scattered around in an angle
of almost 180? coming from the fan. The BeamAir guides the airflow coming
from your fan. It guides the airflow  into a straight beam of air without
causing obstruction or turbulence. The airflow is more powerful, it has a
greater reach and hence much more effective and efficient.


The BeamAir is made from plastic material in a patent pending shape, design
and function.




  Application for 120MM case Fan
  Dimensions 123x123x22 mm
     [LxWxH] 4.82x4.82x0.83 inch
  Materials Plastic
  Included in package BeamAir, 4x Mounting screws



        From this smoke test you can see that the air without the BeamAir is scattered around in quite a wide      angle coming from the fan. The smoke is scattered all around and density/concentration is low.


        From the smoke test with the BeamAir you can see the air/smoke going up in a very straight line and at higher density. The cooling power of the fan is much higher and the fans airflow becomes much more effective.


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