Silverstone Air Penetrator Fan 180mm AP181

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Short description:
RPM : 700 - 1500rpm

Noise : 18 - 34dBA

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Traditional computer fans are made to expel air, so for years, airflow was the most important rating that determines cooling efficiency as most fans are used as exhausts. However, with positive pressure gaining importance in computer cooling technology, SilverStone created Air Penetrator fan specifically designed for intake fan applications, where airflow rating is not a priority. Features!

  • Industry leading air channeling fan
  • Wide fan blades for reducing air resistance
  • Integrated air channeling grille double as fan guard to reduce overall size
  • Low power consumption

The design goal for Air Penetrator is to focus airflow into a column that can be
channeled through various obstacles inside the modern computer case for more
efficient cooling performance. Compared with traditional fans, where airflow
spreads outward and further looses focus with resistance added (e.g. filters,
fan guards, etcà), Air Penetrator fan's unique blade and grille designs can
create enough pressure to push air as far as 1 meter away with minimal fan speed
and noise. This unmatched efficiency makes Air Penetrator ideal not only as
intake case fan, but also perfect for high density heatsinks and radiators.

Bearing Fluid dynamic bearing
Rated Voltage 12V DC
Start Voltage 10.8V DC
Rated Current 0.45 AMP
Rated Power 5.4W
Speed 700 ; 1200 rpm
Airflow 80 ~ 130 CFM
Effective Airflow Pressure 1.2 ; 3 Meter
Static Pressure Max 1.1~2.45mmH2O
Diameter 180mm
Noise Level 18 / 34dB(A)
Air Speed 1.9m/s ; 3.1m/s (measured at fan exit)
Noice Reduction -
Life Time -
Dimension 180mm (L) x 180mm (W) x 32mm (H)

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LED Lighting:
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