Phobya Nano-G 12 Silent Waterproof 1500rpm 120mm Fan

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Short description:
RPM : 1500rpm

Noise : <25dBA

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The manufacturer's consortium Phobya has achieved that an
increased Airflow does not necessarily result in higher noise emissions by using
an innovative fan blade design. The specially curved fan blades in combination
with the unique design and high fan blade density lead the way to the future of
cooling! The bearing is quipped with the newest Nano technology which greatly
reduces friction and noise emissions. The innovative motor design in combination
with an optimally chosen fan speed does the rest to provide exceptional
performance and quiet operation.

At full speed even the most modern fan will become audible.
Therefore the Phobya fans are designed to handle lower voltages well which
allows operation in a voltage range of 5-12V. This gives the option of a
virtually inaudible operation whilst a strong Airflow will still keep your
system cool. The fan is shipped with cables for voltage reduction. These cables
reduce the voltage to 7V or 5V as desired. All cables are sleeved black which
supports the elegant and sleek appearance of the fan.

The appearance nowadays also is an extremely important factor
when considering a fan. The red fan blades in combination with an elegant black
frame, completely in an elegant glossy finish result in a truly spectacular
appearance of this fan which is a great choice for any system!

For cleaning of the fan the full rotor can be removed by lightly
pulling on the frame respectively. Therefore cleaning of the fan can easily be
accomplished: Simply hold the fan under running water and rinse off dust and
dirt. After a short drying period the fan can be reassembled by simply pushing
the rotor back into the casing and the fan can be used again.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 120x120x25mm

Color: Black frame, red fan blades

Weight: 119g

Nominal voltage: 12V

Starting voltage: 5V

Current draw: 0,22A

Nominal speed: 1500rpm (+/- 10%)

Airflow: 107,76m?/h / 63,44CFM

Noise emission: 25 dB(A)

MTBF (25?C): 100.000hrs

Connector: 3Pin

Connector Type:

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Blade Colour:
Fan Size:
LED Lighting:
Noise Level:

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