Game Max 12cm RGB Fan OEM (For Game Max Cases)

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Short description:

Extra fan for GameMax RGB Cases


Game Max 12cm RGB Fan is a hydraulic bearing silent fan with a big air flow with a more effective and efficient cooling system. It comes with a 6 Pin connector. There are 7 kind of colours, they include Red, Blue, Green, Cyan, Yellow and Orange and 18 lighting effects, creating a unique look. The rubber gasket increases the reduction of vibration from the fans movement.

Compatible with the Following Cases

The Game Max 12cm RGB Fan is compatible with the following cases:

CiT G Force RGB
CiT Prism RGB
Game Max Falcon RGB
Game Max Titan RGB
Game Max Volcano RGB
Game Max Sirius RGB
Game Max Polaris RGB
Game Max Draco RGB
Game Max Onyx RGB
Game Max Moonstone RGB
Sama Ark 5 Fan RGB


Airflow: 33.3 CFM
Speed: 1200RPM ± 10%
Noise Level: 22.5dB
Connector: 6 Pin
Bearing Type: Hydraulic Bearing
Rated Voltage: 12V
Input Current: 0.45A
Rated Power: 3.6W
M.T.B.F: 30,000hrs
Cable Length: 580mm
Connector Type:
x-pin Fan (Proprietary)

Case Fans

Blade Colour:
Translucent Dark
Fan Size:
LED Lighting:
Noise Level:

New features

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