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DustEND G3 Dust Filter Extra Fine & Adhesive 155 x 950mm

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Short description:

Fine Purification and Noise Absorbtion

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verybody knows that the basic reason for computer damage is a lot of dust in the cooling system.

Dust gathers inside the computer preventing the cooling process.
As a result, incorrect cooling leads to:
   - The increase of circling and fan noise.
   - The shutdown of the computer because of overheat protection.
   - The swell of condensers on the video card, motherboard and power adapter.
   - Moreover, short circuit and static discharge.
All this leads to computer breakdown and costing repair.

We offer a simple and inexpensive solution – just use the                «DustEND» dust filter.


The filter can be applied to clean the air form dust. It is presented by the filter sheet made of  lt urethane plastic foam  with an open mesh. It has a sticky side.
The filter delivers:
   - The low fan noise level
   - A clean computer for many years.
   - A stable low processor temperature.
   - The long term of service of spare parts.
   - The freeware DustEND. Download
Filter class:
Filter of the:
Exploitation time:
Air permeability:
Filtration efficiency:
Max dust capacity:
Air resistance:
Noise absorption:
Gross/Net weight:
Fine Purification
950*155*5 mm
90 %
220 g/m2
24 Pa

48/24 g
The filter advantages


High efficiency filtration.
Protect your computer from dust at the highest level.


Long time use. Large dust holding capacity of the filter allows to use your computer for the long time without maintenance.


Low air resistance.
The filter is easily breathable, minimally affecting the air flow.


Noise absorption effect
Filter significantly reduces noise from your computer.


Easy in use. Because of its sticky base the filter can be easily applied at any metallic or plastic surface. It is easily placed and re-placed.


The free software DustEND will remind you to change filters.


Cut-to-Fit. The filter can be cut out of any shape and size.
They can be applied for any machine which has air cooling systems.


Reusable filters.
You can wash it with water, dry and stick once again.


Big size roll. One filter is enough for one block like Midi-Tower of
5 fans 140mm or 6 fans 120mm.
The filter can be delivered worldwide!.



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