DEMCiflex Dust Filter 80mm Black

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Flexible Dust Filter with Magnetic Fastening
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The main reason for computers to become sluggish and break down is heat and the no 1 cause for this is the continual dust build-up inside the computer case. As dust accumulates on sensitive components inside the case, cooling is impaired and your system starts slowing down. Over time this leads to eventual hardware failure. Aaaaagghhhh!!!!

This can be avoided and there is a easy solution. DEMCiflex Computer Dust Filters keep dust and dirt out of your IT equipment. It will run cooler and will last longer, saving you money and letting you keep your cool. DEMCiflex is the solution to dust problems in computers.

The fans that computers use for cooling makes the computer case act like a
vacuum cleaner. It draws air into the computer case to provide cooling and
brings with it dust, pollen, hair, lint and even small insects. This will settle
and adhere to all surfaces inside the casing but the build-up will be
concentrated near fans and heat sinks as more air are designed to flow over
these parts to provide cooling.

Water flow and airflow has a lot in common and is often compared. If one puts
sawdust in a flowing stream of water with it will not hamper the flow of water
very much. Most of the sawdust will flow out on the other side. Now add bigger
pieces like twigs, branches and trees. The scene changes dramatically in that
the bigger particles in the stream will start to bridge the flow where the
passage becomes narrower. Once that happens the smaller pieces will start to
build up behind the bigger ones and start to form dams where the flow will
become slower. Because of this slow down in flow, silt will be deposited behind
the obstruction bringing flow to a halt in that area. Flow will be re-directed
over the top and around the sides.


  This is exactly what dust do between the fins of heat sinks and other crevices, in your computer. If you can stop the bigger of these minute particles, much less buildup will happen inside the case and much more of the really small particles will be expelled from the case via the exhaust fans. Nowà
As more and more computers run 24/7 than ever before, PC's are exposed to this dust and pollution build-up for much longer periods and so the problem is magnified many times over.
DEMCifilter was designed and tested to keep dust out of your computer in the first place. This is achieved through a high precision polyester mesh. The super fine medical grade mesh is the same as what hospitals use to keep dust out of operating theatres. The filament diameter of this mesh is smaller than the openings between them. This allows more air through the filter while still stopping the dust. DEMCifilter is the only computer dust filter that can guarantee to keep out specific sized and larger, dust particles because of mesh openings being very accurate. If a specific sized dust needs to be kept out of your computers, we will supply that filter with all specifications and requirements. Our standard filter is optimized for maximum air flow and dust collection. There is no elaborate grills in front of the air intake that impedes airflow. Because of it's composition, no foam or bag filter can do this.
Because the mesh is white it is easy to see when the filter needs cleaning. After cleaning out the unit initially maintenance consists of taking the DEMCifilter off by hand, dusting it off by hand or soft brush and replacing it over the air intake. That simple. No dismantling, no tools, no glue or screws needed. DEMCifilter has no moving parts and has a one-piece lightweight design. DEMCifilter is fitted over the fan intake or vent holes by way of magnetic strip built into the filter. Even if the case is non-metallic, a lightweight and flexible magnetic frame (optional extra) can be fitted to the case and DEMCifilter can be fitted onto it. This will extend the lifespan of the computer and lead to less downtime and an overall more enjoyable computer experience.
DEMCiflex Computer Air Filter is the easiest of all Computer Air Filters to use. No need for any skills. No Glue, No Screws, No Tools and No Hassles. All you have to do is to locate your computer's air intake vents. Use a sheet of paper to see if any particular fan draws air into the case or blows it out. All inlet fans and un-fanned openings can be protected by DEMCiflex.
To maximize the benefits of DEMCiflex filters please refer to our page on Positive Pressure .
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using DEMCifilters for filtering of computer dust



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