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mCubed Digital Extension Set

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Additional Digital Sensors
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Extension set - digital sensors

The T-Balancer Extension Set offers 6 additional temperature sensors. It is compatible with TBAN-XL and SL4.

This new generation of digital sensors is very flat. With 2.5mm it fits into each corner of the PC case and delivers highest digital temperature data without any losses.

In addition you can ping the sensors separately with the T-Balancer software. If you ping a single sensor, a mini LED will flash, so that you can find it always. This feature is only available with firmware 2.7 and higher.

To avoid untidy cable arrangements in the case, we deliver 3 splitters. Splitters will be connected with the T-Balancer main unit and the digital sensors will be connected to the splitters.

- Sensor: 21*8*2.5mm
- Cable: 60cm
- Temperature: 0-125?C
- Variance: +-2? uncalibrated, 0.5? calibrated

Package contents:
6 digital temperature sensors (adress #2-#7), 3 splitters, cables, mounting materials and Quick Install.


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