SilverStone SST-SX600-G Strider Gold 600W SFX Power Supply

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Short description:
Fully Modular PSU SX600-G
80Plus Gold - SFX / MicroATX
Dimensions W D H
125mm 100mm 63.5mm
ATX Spec ATX v2.3 / Intel EPS12v v2.91
Haswell Support
Effiency 80+ Gold Rated
20% Load = 89% Eff
50% Load = 90% Eff
100% Load = 87% Eff
Fan 80mm silent fan (0-40dBA)
Connectors Molex Floppy SATA
2 1 4
PCI-E M.board AUX
2 x 6/8 Pin 20/24 4 / 8 Pin
Output Current +3.3v +5v +12v
20A 15A 50A
-12v -+5vsb 12v Rails
0.3A 2.5A 1
+3.3v & 5v Power 90W
+12v Power 600W
-12v Power  
+5vsb Power  
Total Power 600W
Input Voltage 90-264v Auto
Modular Fully Modular
Motherboard Cable Lengths MB = 30cm
CPU 8pin = 40cm
Includes SFX to ATX bracket for use in ATX case
GPU Support list
Haswell CPU support

? Intelligent semi-fanless operation

? Supports standard SFX form factor and ATX via included bracket

? High efficiency with 80 PLUS Gold certification

? 100% modular cables

? All cables made with flexible flat arrays

? 600W continuous power output at 40? operating temperature rated for 24/7 operation

? Class-leading single +12V rail with 50A

? Strict ±3% voltage regulation and low ripple & noise

? Supports dual PCI-E 8/6pin connectors

         After releasing the breakthrough SFX power supply in 2012 with the ST45SF-G, SilverStone has pushed the technical envelope even further with yet another industry defining design in the SX600-G. This small form factor PSU has the exact same dimensions as its predecessor but its power density has increased from 567W per liter (in the ST45SF-G) to 756W per liter. The result is a standard-sized SFX PSU with an incredible 600W of continuous power, a level that is capable of supporting any single graphics card system with ease. Besides the power increase, the SX600-G comes standard with flexible, flat modular cables similar to those in the PP05-E short cable kit for vastly improved cable management in smaller cases. It also has added semi-fanless capability that was first introduced to SFX PSUs by the ST30SF so its quiet running fan can remain turned off during ideal low load or idle conditions for complete silence. As before, an ATX adapter bracket is included to enable users to install this PSU into any small or even larger cases that do not have SFX mounting holes. For the most ardent SFF enthusiasts, the SX600-G is truly a dream come true that combines the convenience of SFX size and all the top of the line features one can expect from high-end ATX PSUs into one product.

Designed for 80 PLUS Gold level of efficiency to reduce wasted heat and save on electricity../td>   100% modular cable design for easy removal in a case with cable routed and tied down.
Flat cables have much greater flexibility to allow for tighter folding and management of cables.   Ultra-quiet 80mm fan with intelligent RPM control guarantees cool performance and silent operation with minimum of 18dBA during fan operation. The fanless mode operation deactivates when PSU?s internal temperature reaches 45°C.



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