Shuttle 500w PC63J 80+ 1U PSU

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Short description:
For Shuttle 'H', 'J'. 'R' series systems
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Dimensions W D H
82mm 200mm 53mm
ATX Spec  
Effiency 80Plus Bronze
Fan Ball bearing fan with thermal speed control
Connectors Molex Floppy SATA
2 1 3
PCI-E M.board AUX
1 x 6pin
1 x 6/8pin
20 4/8Pin
Output Current +3.3v +5v +12v
18A 17A 16A/16A/17A
-12v -+5vsb 12v Rails
0.3A 2.5A 3
+3.3v & 5v Power 130W
+12v Power  
-12v Power -
+5vsb Power
Total Power 500W
Input Voltage 100-240v Auto
Modular No
Motherboard Cable Lengths -

The Shuttle XPC Accessory PC63 is a new high-end power supply with a maximum
output wattage of 500W suitable for XPCs with H7 case. With a low noise level of
only 30dB, it is ideal for use in any noise-sensitive environments such as a
library and offices. Thanks to its 80 PLUS Bronze certification for
power-efficient devices, this power supply is also suitable for ENERGY STAR®
compliant systems. Benefit from less power consumption and less energy costs
using PC63.

    • Model: Shuttle XPC Accessory PC63J (power supply)
    • Output wattage:

      Total combined output is 500W max.

      Total combined output of 3.3V and 5V is 130W max.

      Active PFC circuit (Power Factor Correction)
    • Input Voltage/Frequency range:

      100~240V AC, 50/60Hz

      (90~264V AC, 47~63 Hz)
    • Input current:

      max. 8A/4A for 115V/230V AC during normal operating

      Inrush current: 60A/90A for 115V/230V AC
    • DC voltage output, max. output current:

      +12V1: 16A

      +12V2: 16A

      +12V3: 17A

      +3.3V: 18A

      +5V: 16A

      +5VSB: 2.5A (Standby)

      -12V: 0.3A
    • Power Connectors:

      1x ATX power with 20 pins

      1x ATX 12V power with 4+4 pins *)

      1x PCIe power with 6 pins

      1x PCIe power with 6+2 pins

      3x Serial ATA power

      2x Molex power

      1x Floppy power
    • Output voltage timing:

      Hold up time: >17ms at full load at 115V AC

      Rise time: <20ms at full load, nominal line
    • Protection:

      Short circuit protection (SCP) - Latch off

      Overpower (overload) protection (OPP)

      Overcurrent protection (OCP)

      Overtemperature protection (OTP)

      Overvoltage protection (OVP)

      Undervoltage protection (UVP)
    • Efficiency:

      80PLUS Bronze compliant

      The PSU provides at least 82/85/82% efficiency at 20/50/100% load.
    • Certification:

      EMI/RFI: FCC class B, CE, BSMI, CCC

      Safety: cUL, TÜV type approved, CB, BSMI, CCC

      Timing, housekeeping and control conform Intel ATX12V Specific Guidelines
    • Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

      > 100.000 hours at 75% load, 25°C
    • Temperature:

      Operating temperature: +10°C ~ +50°C

      Storage temperature: -40°C ~ +70°C
    • Noise:

      <30dB at 50cm for 200W load

      50mm ball bearing fan with thermal Fan-speed control
    • Dimensions: 200 x 82 x 53 mm (LWH)
    • Scope of delivery: power supply and 4 screws
    • Weight: net weight: 1.1 kg, gross weight: 1.2 kg
    • Compatibility:

      Supported Shuttle XPC models:

      H series: SH67H3, SH67H7, SN78SH7, SG45H7, SP45H7, SX58H7(Pro)

      J series: SG41J1/J4, SH55J2, SX58J3

      R series: SH61R4, SZ68R5, SZ77R5, SX79R5

      Cable lengths designed for the Shuttle XPC.

*) Universal ATX12V plug

The ATX12V plug of the power supply consists of two 4-pin plugs, which can be
combined to one single 8-pin plug. They can easily be separated again by using
long-nosed pliers.






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