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Short description:
For Cases Requring TFX Power Supply
80Plus Gold
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Dimensions W D H
65mm 175mm 85mm
ATX Spec TFX 12V 2.4
Effiency 80+ Gold Certified,
88.6% efficiency at 20% Load
91.6% efficiency at 50% Load
89.7% efficiency at 100% Load
Fan 80mm Sleeve Bearing Fan
12.7dBA at 20% Load
14.5dBA at 50% Load
26.5dBA at 100% Load
Connectors Molex Floppy SATA
2 1 4
PCI-E M.board AUX
(2 Molex to 6 Pin Adapter) 20/24 1 x 4 Pin
Output Current +3.3v +5v +12v
18A 18A 13A / 13A
-12v -+5vsb 12v Rails
0.3A 3A 2
+3.3v & 5v Power 103W
+12v Power 288W
-12v Power -
+5vsb Power
Total Power 300W Continuous (330W Peak)
Input Voltage 100-240v Auto
Modular No
Motherboard Cable Lengths 35cm

Compact and Silent Energy

TFX Power 2 300W Gold, our high-efficiency compact PSU, gives you much more for your mini or media PC. Our imperative during its design was to achieve the maximum possible energy efficiency, power to support a discrete PCIe graphics card and silence without compromising quality or features.

For compact PC systems that perform well beyond the ordinary, with the best possible combination of quietness, features, reliability and super-high efficiency, choose TFX Power 2 300W Gold.

  • 80PLUS Gold certification and up to 91% power-conversion efficiency let you use the provided energy more efficiently and reduces your power bills
  • Strong dual 12V-rail design supports a PCIe connector for peripherals needing more power, like a PCIe graphics card
  • 300 watts of continuous power provide strong reserves to ensure steady operations even when your PC meets an unexpectedly heavy load
  • Product conception, design and quality control in Germany


  • Mini and media PC systems
  • Classic office and web browsing applications
  • Super-high efficiency upgrade in any PC chassis requiring a TFX form factor PSU

Feature Details

Energy Efficiency

  • 80PLUS Gold certification independently verifies the extremely high operating efficiency (up to 91%) of this design
  • High efficiency means cost savings, because your PC draws less power from the mains. It also means less wasted heat, less cooling required and an overall quieter operation
  • Standby drain of less than 0.25 watts
  • Meets Energy Star 5.2 guidelines
  • Fulfills ErP 2014 guidelines
  • Zero Load design and support of Intel?s Deep Power Down C6/C7 mode


  • Use of the latest technology ensures premium performance and reliability
  • Supports the latest Intel® and AMD? CPUs
  • Dual independent 12V-rails improve power signal stability
  • Full suite of top safety protections defends against over-currents, over- and under-voltages, short circuits, and overloads, thus safeguarding your valuable components

Low-Noise Operation

  • An automatically temperature-regulated 80mm high-quality fan
  • Assured balance between cooling performance and quiet operation

Highly Compatible and Convenient

  • Sleeved cable lengths up to 65cm offer improved cooling and are perfect for mini PC cases
  • Features 10 connectors for flexible system builds
  • Connectors are compatible with older components as well as those still on the drawing board
  • PCIe connector supports discrete graphics card
  • Clearly labeled plugs enable simple installation

Product Conception, Design and Quality Control in Germany

  • 2-year warranty

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