Silverstone SST-PP05-E Short Replacement Cable Set

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Short description:
For Strider 100% Modular PSUs
Short Cable Set PP05-E

The original PP05 cable set created by SilverStone in 2008 was a revelation for enthusiasts of small form factor computing. Besides being made shorter for smaller cases like its predecessor, the PP03 (launched in 2005), it also introduced the idea of a cable set in which users can keep for multiple upgrades. SilverStone?s continued commitment to using the same power supply connectors ensured that PP05 purchased in 2008 are still perfectly usable in 2013 and beyond. To improve this handy set of cables further, SilverStone created the PP05-E, the next evolution in power supply cables made for small form factor.

To improve compatibility and ease of installation, the PP05-E is made with more flexible cables that allows for much tighter bends than traditional cables. This eliminates component interference problems that often plaque small form factor builds. To further save precious space, PP05-E?s cables are also designed in flat arrays for unprecedented flexibility. As before, the PP05-E are made to match SilverStone modular PSUs, so useful extra cables and connectors are added to help enthusiasts use as few cable as possible (dual PCI-E connector cables) or to connect with the more popular slim optical drives (mini-SATA).



  • Significantly reduce cable clutter in smaller cases & systems
  • Compatible with SilverStone modular PSUs
  • 90? and 180? type SATA connectors included
  • Six PCI-E connectors included
  • All cables made with flexible flat arrays
  • Support slim optical drives with mini-SATA connector
Model No.
1 x 20+4pin ATX connector (350mm)
1 x EPS/ATX12V 8pin(4+4) connector (350mm)
2 x PCI-E 8pin(6+2) connector (350mm)
2x PCI-E 8pin(6+2)+PCIE 6Pin Connector (350+50mm)
1 x two (2) SATA 90?connectors (350+50mm)
1 x two (2) SATA 180?connectors (300+150mm)
1 x two (2) 4pin +1 x Slimline SATA connectors (300+100+100mm)
1 x two (2) 4pin + floppy connectors (350+100+100mm)
1 x three (3) SATA 180? +1 x Slimline SATA connectors (300+150+150+150mm)
SilverStone PSU with original cables
SilverStone PSU cables replaced by PP05-E
Regular stiff PSU cables PP05-E's flexible cable material provides un unprecedented easy cable management

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