Lian Li HD-322 Convertor 1 x 3.5" to 2 x 2.5" (Toolless Cases)

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Short description:
Mounts 2 x 2.5" Disks in a 3.5" Bay

Model: HD-322
Aluminum structure
Designed for Lian Li case with patented tool-less HDD cage system
Convert one 3.5ö bay to 2 x 2.5ö bays
Including anti-vibration rubber ring for use with Lian Li patented tool-less HDD cage system
Note: check your Lian Li case's HDD cage width first, before purchase this HDD cage.
Dimensions: 112mm x 125mm x 25mm (W x D x H)

Fits 2 x 9.5mm height drives only (eg typical laptop form factor). Taller drives (Enterprise drives such as some SAS drives and WD VelociRaptors) can only have 1 disk installed in this bay.

Compatible with:
PC-07F / 60F / K58 / K60 / K62 / P50 / B10 / B70


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