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IcyDock MB882SP-1S-1 SSD Bay (2.5" to 3.5")

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Enclosure Ideal for Solid State Drives
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ICY DOCK's MB882 series can convert most of 2.5"Ø SATA and SSD hard drive into a
3.5"Ø SATA drive. It has enough ventilation to keep the 2.5"Ø drive cool and can
protect your drive. Installing a 2.5"Ø drive requires no screws or tool
whatsoever. Whether you use a SATA or SSD drive, you will maintain the transfer
speed while using this case. With this converter, mounting a 2.5"Ø drive into a
desktop will be simple without having to purchase any special attachments or
systems, allowing more convenience in recovering data from laptops or OS boot up
onto a desktop. It is very convenient for gamers and power users who expect SSD
speed on their home/ office computers. Mostly, it is designed to fit into most
common PC cases, 3.5"Ø HDD duplicator, 3.5"Ø SATA HDD enclosure, mobile rack,
and backplane modules without having to purchase any attachments for the 2.5"Ø
drives. This state-of-the-art case will revolutionize the way 2.5"Ø drives are
presently used.



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