Icy Dock MB343SP 2 x 2.5" HDD/SSD to 5.25" Bracket + 3.5" Bay

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Bay Adapter
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The FLEX-FIT Trio MB343SP is a very unique 3.5ö to 5.25ö front bay adapter. At first glance is of what looks like a simple 3.5ö to 5.25 device bay adapter, but there is more than meets the eye. We've created a device that utilizes a single 5.25ö bay and converts it into 2 x 2.5ö HDD/SSD slots and a 3.5ö device or hard drive bay designed for tool-less drive installation. The FLEX-FIT Trio MB343SP pushes the envelope with its unique features and brilliant engineering. As a result, you get a beautifully crafted adapter that is sturdy, flexible and multifunctional.

One of the most unique features of the FLEX-FIT Trio MB343SP is the FLEX-FIT system, which provides users a higher level of flexibility for a 5.25ö adapter that only an Icy Dock product can deliver. The FLEX-FIT Trio can store a 3.5ö device or hard drive and an additional 2 x 2.5ö HDD/SSD, IDE or SATA hard drives from 7mm û 9.5mm height. It's both space efficient and cost effective since you won't be required to buy multiple brackets.


Screw-less Drive Installation
Thanks to our screw-less drive installation design, the device / drive installation process is very easy û simply slide in your 3.5ö device until you heard a clicking sound, which means the Smart-Tip locks the 3.5ö device into place. For extra security, the optional side screws can be added. For the 2.5ö HDD/SSD slots, it takes any 2.5ö SSD or hard drive without using any tools or screws, and the built-in self adjusting tab locks in 7mm-9.5mm 2.5ö drives in place.
The 3.5ö bay can also take any standard 3.5ö hard drive or SSD bracket, just slide in your 3.5ö HDD or bracket and secure the drive with the side screw holes. Additionally, if you decided to install a 3.5ö hard drive or device that doesn't have a front Input/output interface, you won't be left with an exposed slot. We've thoughtfully designed the rear plate to snap off so you can insert it in the front panel slot to blend in with your system.
Beautifully Crafted Design
The FLEX-FIT Trio MB343SP is engineered with the utmost dedication to building the most efficient and reliable product possible. Using a single, sturdy plastic open frame design provides excellent durability and passive cooling factor which as a result, reduces the chances of mechanical failures while using the device. Because the adapter is a single piece design, it is using absolutely zero moving parts as possible while retaining all core functionalities of the adapter.
Build Flexible
Since the 3.5ö bay takes both 3.5ö hard drive and 3.5ö device, there are many build options to choose from. For example, adding the ToughArmor MB992SK-B would give you two internal 2.5ö slots with two external hot-swap 2.5ö bays. Adding the EZ-Fit Lite MB290SP-B will give you four total 2.5ö slots. The FLEX-FIT Trio is also compatible with USB 3.0 hubs, multimedia card readers and fan speed controllers in 3.5ö form factor.
Suggested Applications
Any system with 5.25ö device bay
Compatible 3.5ö Products
3.5ö hard drives, 3.5ö USB 3.0 hub, 3.5ö multimedia card readers, 3.5ö HDD/SSD mobile racks & 3.5ö HDD/SSD brackets
Key Features
  -Compatible with any standard 5.25ö device bay
  -Fits 1 x 3.5ö device / hard drive & 2 x 2.5ö HDD/SSD * Durable one piece, lightweight construction
  -Snap-off front panel dust cover
  -Smart-Tip locking mechanism for screwless 3.5ö device installation
  -Screw-less installation design for 2.5ö HDD/SSD slots
  -Side screw holes for 3.5ö hard drive installation
  -Compatible with our 3.5ö mobile racks and brackets
3 Years Warranty

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