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Digital Everywhere FireDTV S2 External

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External Satellite Tuner with Common Interface
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Looking to view or record SkyTV on your PC? Then you need the following :

Follow the first part of this guide for info on how to prepare the CAM module and pair your viewing card ! Note that this allows single channel recording only and the viewing card must be kept 'alive' by putting in a Sky UK box occasionally.

Main Features

Support for  HDTV Channels - DVB-S and DVB-S2 receiver- Software decoding of MPEG2 and MPEG4 / H.264 - Ideal Solution for Small Form Factor PC or notebook- Watch and record TV in the highest available quality

warning.jpg Read the "System requirements" below!

 Support for PayTV Channels- Integrated Common Interface , watch and record Free To Air or PayTV channels - Compatible with most popular CAMs- Tested with several PayTV providers


warning.jpg PayTV requires a CAM and a valid smartcard (Subscription)

Fully integrated in Windows Media Center   mce_50.jpg    vista_50.jpg
- Easy to use in Windows Media Center    
- Driver for Windows Media Center in Vista64 are also available in the download section

warning.jpg Windows Media Center doesn't support MPEG4/H.264 channels!!!



Integrated in most popular Media Center Software

- Fully integrated in many TV Software like DVBViewer Mediaportal

- Driver for Vista 64 bit also available in the download section

new.jpg Now FireDTV S2 also works with EyeTV 3 on Apple Computers !





The easiest way to digital TV on notebook and PC!

- No complicate assembly. Just connect it.

- No needs to open your computer

- Connection to the computer through FireWire (IEEE1394)

- Easy connect more FireDTVs thanks to the integrated FireWire Repeater  



System requirements  

- FireWire (IEEE1394) port on board or with OHCI-adapter
- For PayTV: CAM-Module, valid subscription/smartcard
- For Windows Media Center in WinMCE 2005: RollUp2, MPEG2 software decoder
- For Windows Media Center in Vista: Vista Home Premium or Vista Ultimate
- For other compatible TV software: Windows XP SP2 or later, MPEG2 decoder
- For SDTV: Pentium@ IV 1,5GHz, AMD Athlon XP+ 2000
- For HDTV: Minimum: Pentium@ IV 3,5GHz, AMD Athlon XP+ 3500, DXVA/H.264 graphic card (Windows XP)  
                  Recommended: Dual Core processor (REQUIRED for WinMCE 2005 or Vista)

Front End features

- Antenna Connector: F-Type 75 Ohm
- Input Frequency Range: 950-2150MHz
- Supported Modulation: 8PSK/QPSK (DVB-S2), QPSK (DVB-S)
- LNB Supply, 13/18V, 22KHz tone, max. 400mA
- DiseqC: 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 (depending on used Software)

Included in the "FireDTV S2"  

- FireDTV S2, digital satellite receiver with FireWire interface
- Printed Assembly and Quick Install Guide
- Laptop and desktop FireWire Cables (6 to 6 Poles and 6 to 4 Poles)
- Power Supply (12V, 2A)
- Remote control
- Printed Assembly and Quick Install Guide
- Setup CD with BDA and Windows Media Center driver for WinMCE 2005 and Vista 32Bit (Home Premium or Ultimate)
- FireDTV Viewer Software to watch and record TV channels. Vista 32 and 64 capable, H.264 capable
- MPEG4 / H.264 Software decoders
- Vista 64Bit driver are available for download


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