Streacom FC8 ALPHA Black Fanless Home Theatre Aluminium Chassis

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Short description:
Mini ITX
Includes Passive Cooler

The FC8 ALPHA is the next iteration of our acclaimed FC8 fanless chassis and with it comes a host of improvements and refinements that keeps this chassis on the cutting edge of design and performance.

The ultra-efficient heatsink has now been paired with our new direct touch heatpipes for even better cooling performance. The high grade aluminium extrusion is now finished with a fine sandblast texture and the front USB ports have been upgraded to support USB3.0 (cable now included). Internal changes include easier drive assembly, support for 2 x 3.5" drives and a universal optical drive eject button for added compatibility.

Just like its predecessor, the FC8 ALPHA is a perfect building block for any silent PC solution.See Streacom's System Build Guide for more information and advice on using the chassis

Dimensions W D H
250mm 240mm 100mm
Weight 2.5kg
Front Fan -
Rear Fan -
Top Fan -
Side Fan Fanless Heatpipe Kit Included
*Improved for ALPHA Model
5"1/4 Bays 1 x Slimline Optical Bay, Centre Aligned Button
HDD Bays 1 x 3.5" Internal
1 x 2.5" Internal
2 x 3.5" Internal
2 x 2.5" Internal
*Depending on hardware config
Motherboard Mini ITX
Power Suppply Optional Built In DC Power
Front Panel Aluminium
Chassis Aluminium
Expansion Slots 1 x Half Height Expansion Slot
Port Extensions USB 2.0 USB 3.0 Audio eSATA
- 2 (Internal Cable Included) - -

*Optical Drive Choice

Supports a variety of Slimline SATA Slot Feed Optical drives, and features a new eject button that supports any position of eject button on drives. Any Slot feed model from this page is fine - ../components/hard-disks-ssds/optical/laptop-sff/

*Power Supply Choice

Recommend the use of PicoPSU and external AC adapter - the case already has a mount to fix the connection for PicoPSU. Please see ourDC Power Supply page for Pico / Streacom Power Supplies - ../components/power-supplies/dc-boards-ac-adapters/

*Optional Remote Control

A remote receiver designed for the Streacom case is available separately here ../peripherals/home-media/remote-controls/streacom-flirc-se-universal-remote-ir-receiver/

*Cooling System

Heatpipe Direct Touch 4 Pipes – Recommended CPU TDP 65W, Max TDP 95W For LGA115x / AM1, AM2/3, FM1/2 Socket CPU. Avoid motherboards with tall heatsinks to the right side of the CPU socket. As with any passive cooling solution, environmental conditions will have an impact on the performance. A TDP of 95W is only recommended when the chassis is placed in a location with adequate air flow and moderate ambient room temperature

Note that thermal paste is not included - please purchase this separately. eg Arctic Silver 5

*Changes of ALPHA edition over previous EVO model
1. Re-designed heatsink with sleeker fins (less industrial looking) and updated heatpipe mounts (more flexible and future proof)
2. Uprated heatpipes
3. Single piece unbreakable top panel (mounting brackets are no longer separate parts)
4. Re-engineered airflow with optimized hole positions and stealth side top panel air vent
5. USB3.0 as standard
6. Re-designed hard drive mounting, with possibility of fitting 2 x 3.5" drives (up from 1)
7. Brand new optical drive mounting bracket for easier fitting and better operation
8. New power button mechanism and white power light (no longer blue)
9. Improved aluminium tolerances and finish
10 New packaging, better protection and easier to remove product

Depth / Length:

New features



Case Form Factor:
Mini ITX
Case Window:
Solid Panels
Case Lighting:
Case Slim Optical Bay:
Case 5"1/4 Bays:
Case 3"1/2 Bays:
Case Dedicated 2"1/2 Bays:

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