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Phobya WaCoolT Benchtable Black *Sale*

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ATX, eATX, SR-2 Test Station / Benchmark Platform
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Phobya's first Benchtable, years of experience in the water cooling and overclocking sector come together to create the ultimate in overclocking enclosures!

Overclocking, driving hardware to the limit, requires being up to date at all times. This of course involves frequent rebuilds and modifications of the system, making an open chassis ideal for the purpose. Many manufacturers have attempted to create benchtables for frequent use, but these rather flimsy creations never quite managed to be up to the task: After the first multi-kilogram LN2 pot, these enclosures made the user fear that it would collapse on the spot. Another approach are the modding versions, great to look at, even made from Plexi, but for performance-oriented overclockers completely irrelevant. The only properly usable Benchtables were the ones made from overclockers for overclockers, but the price tag is so hefty that they are far from reach for beginners and even most advanced users!

Enough! Phobya and its developer team are now closing this gap! With the Phobya WaCoolIT Benchtable the combination of an affordable price, sturdy design with great looks as well as unique features was achieved! This is a truly great overall concept at an incredible price!

The basic principle:On top of the Benchtable the Mainboard is installed openly. Longer mounting brackets than on a standard enclosure or benchtable allow cable and tubing routing under the Mainboard. This is both optically and functionally a truly unique feature on the market! Additional fans can be installed with the included mounting brackets. Alternatively the brackets can also be used for stabilization of the graphics cards or slot covers.

To connect top from bottom, different kinds of openings are implemented into the Benchtable. Round 22mm openings can be used for tubing or cables, oval 22mm wide and 70mm longs openings are designed for looping through of EATX plugs.

At the bottom level of the enclosure HDDs, optical drives, PSUs as well as water cooling elements can be installed. The complete lower base plate can be pulled out on rails after removal of four small screws. This comes in very handy during installation of the components!

Water cooling:Phobya's roots lie in the water cooling sector, hence many unique and handy features allowing water cooling installation were implemented.

RadiatorsBoth left and right side of the Benchtable have mounting holes to allow radiator installation. On each side a 360mm or 280mm radiator can be installed. Limitations regarding thickness of the radiator or the fan do not apply, as the complete inner structure of the lower level can be freely installed.As the ultimate cooling performance boost the bottom of the Benchtable is also equipped with mounting holes for a Supernova radiator. When using such a radiator we recommend using spacers to allow free air circulation.

Pump installation M4 thread were implemented to allow direct or decoupled installation of pumps in the Benchtable. These holes are not just machined into the bottom of the enclosure, but rather in an additional sled which can be moved or even left out when not needed. Pump compatibility (amongst others): Laing DDC, Laing D5, Eheim 1046 (HPPS, Aquastream, Watercool 12V), Eheim 1048, Magicool 12V, Phobya DC 260 & DC 400, EK-DCP 2,2 & DCP 4,0

ReservoirsStandard solutions such as Slot-In reservoir can be installed in the drive bays. The better solution, a tube reservoir, can simply be installed vertically at the side of the Benchtable. This allows easy filling and operation. Hence Phobya has implemented holes in the side of the 21cm high Benchtables. The hole spacing of 12cm is ideal for installation of tube reservoirs.

Looks and qualityThe whole Benchtable is made from steel and coated in a glossy black powder coat finish. This makes for a timeless and elegant design, but also very sturdy and rigid. All edges are cleanly angled and deburred, all mounting screws, except the invisible Mainboard mount screws, are black: The color design was consequently implemented!

Another individual design element is the front! Buttons and switches are not included with the Benchtable to allow maximum flexibility. Two 19mm holes in the front, the Phobya logo in between: This design is optimized for many of the available buttons and switches. Looking for quality? You will find a great choice of buttons and switches in the Phobya portfolio!

All holes and openings leading from the bottom to the top, both round and oval, are rubberized to reduce war on tubing and cables. This also creates a clean and organized look for the whole system!

Technical specifications: Material: SteelSurface finish: Black powder coatedDimensions without extra structure (L x W x H): 500 x 500 x 225mmThread size: M4 Button opening: 2x 19mmRadiator mount compatibility: 2x 360 or 2x 280Mainboard compatibility: ATX, mATX (Micro-ATX), eATX, µATX, SR-25.25" drive bays: 33.5" drive bays: 3PSU bays: 1Additional fan mounting brackets: 3x 120mmWeight: 10,5kgExtent of delivery:Phobya WaCoolT Benchtable BlackMounting materialSlot mounting brackets for graphics card1x 120mm mount2x 120mm mount

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Note: The optional buttons (not included) are available here.

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